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  1. As you may have noticed, the screen looks a little "edgy" and sometimes has black edges on some missions and/or times of the day if you change it on the ship's computer in Pierce's room. Yet if you are in the "real world" such as the ship, or Zero Saint's Thirty or White Crib, you may notice that it isn't as "edgy". This mod fixes the simulation to look like the real world with no vignette.

    I'll eventually come back with screenshot comparisons, but if you install it, you will see it.

    Though not required, I recommend you also install IdolNinja's TOD controls mod if you want to see more TODs affected by this mod:

    Instructions: put the files in here "\Steam\SteamApps\common\Saints Row IV\"

    UPDATE: Film grain edits are restored, as you can just turn them off in the options screen so no need to mod them out.

    Most of this is going to apply in the simulation. As for any missions that take place in people's nightmares. The vignette is still in there and I have yet to find what file(s) hold onto a mission's TOD to change that. If anyone here knows what files to find, please let me know so I can update it again to where you won't have to use vignette in missions.

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    I installed it but I don't notice any difference. Maybe I'm not using the right TODs where it would be more obvious. I tried CLASSIC and MODERN. I would love to see some screenshot comparisons so I know what to expect. Thanks!
    I see the difference now. I never really noticed the vignette but now I can see it. Thanks for the mod!
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  3. I do not see anything different on having used this mod.
    Can you make any screenshot comparisons?
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