Remake/Remaster of Saints Row 1&2

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  2. maybe not create a remake but yes you can create a new saint row with a stylish of sr2 or 1 and add new things it would be great
    and i think that a loot of people would like
    and please think about 4 player coop now with this gen i think that can be made
    can make independent render for each player until they get close or make the missions for single and for more like the boss more stronger or a little more enemys but witouth ask to much to the memory
    i hope this help you o put some ideas for a new upcoming game
    maybe not much people play the saga but if you make a little more massive like 4 player the people would play more
    i play alone sometimes because i cant play with a friend and then with other and with other well i think that you understand the point
    thanks for all
    and sorry for my regular writing and big letter
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  3. In all seriousness though: how about we, as a community, step in and just re-do the engine for SR2? All models, gamescripts and original assets could be re-used, so one would still have to buy the game in the first place. It's about a new engine, not about piracy.

    A modern engine would be able to render with better graphics even without touching the assets; and be a few orders of magnitude faster in the process. The gamescripts itself are written in LUA anyways, as long as all exported functions of the original engine are bound and valid, we should have a working game.

    I wonder whether it is feasible to use the CRYENGINE or Unreal Engine as a base point; both are well maintained engine with a huge community and -- as long as everybody works in their spare time, and the project does not earn any money -- come with virtually no strings attached. [0] Personally, I am not a skilled game developer and I don't really want to be, but I am good in reverse engineering. If the original code is such a mess as it's always stated, the assembly is probably easier to read anyways. As far as I take it from the modding community, SR2 itself and its scripting and engine features are understood quite well. We have nice documentation of the game scripts, and even the test missions are available. Thanks to Volition to include these, I guess.

    Probably, for legal reasons Volition cannot support such activity; no matter how I put it together, there would still be a huge amount of reverse engineering of the original game's code to do which will probably break all EULAs I've agreed to playing the game (whether they are enforceable in the first place is a question I'd like not to find an answer to in court). Nevertheless, the modding community is full of awesome people that enjoy hacking on the game and I would really like to find out how hard it is to load up the world in, say, UE4 Editor ;)

    [0]: Although the licensing terms aren't quite clear here. A fan re-creation of the engine without any original assets would for sure generate some sales of SR2, as it did with Age Of Empires 2 or other games that have a similar project. But as long as the fan-recreation is fully open source, does not take donations and is freely distributable, everything should be fine.
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  4. Did they also handle the SR3 port? I would spend some money on a remaster for The Third.
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  5. Meh,might as well throw this out. I've been thinking about a remastered SR series and I think this could work.

    First,we start with a simple clean up of the code in the engine and get it running nice and clean with lots of room to grow. Using this as the basis,you get to work making the tools to make maps,clothes,weapons,and vehicles. Now,you guys know how much some people really loved SR1's multiplayer? Well,why not make it it's own little game? I call it Saints Row: Cannonizer. Basically,it's the multiplayer PvP and co-op content from SR1 and 2. As a start. You have a character maker,you make a model,you go in for some shot bang fun. This allows Volition to A) pay for the cost of cleaning the engine up B) try out network code for future games C) give players incentive to buy Volition games as they unlock content in Cannonizer. D) lay the ground work for the SR remasters. With Cannonizer we'll see the return of food items and preping for other code for other activities.

    In addition to the SR1 and 2 game modes,I'd like to suggest some others. Death Race: Similar to the racing activity in SR1 and 2,2 teams must race from check point to check point while trying to blow up the enemy team's car and avoiding their own getting blown up. Players can ride in the racing car or jump out and set up ambushes for the enemy team. Or even grab another car and go at that.

    Genki's Super Sparkle Lab: A super sized version of the Genki activitiy. You not only have to fight other players,but the mascots and hunters too. Kill the enemies,get the bonuses,and race to the exit before the enemy team does.

    The game could easily reuse assets from SR3 and 4. As I said earlier,owning Volition games can unlock content on SR:C. For example,if you own SR3's Moneyshot DLC,you unlock the Ultor Assassin skin,hoverbike vehicle,and sniper rifle skin. Got the pirate DLC from SR4? You get the Scallywagon,pirate cotsumes,and flintlock weapon skins.

    With the newly cleaned up engine (or a whole new engine if the current one is too dated) and,ideally,some money from the game. you're now ready to remaster SR1 in earnest. Rebuilding the map shouldn't be too hard since you already have a floor plan. You can even rip it out of the game and put it in a 3D viewer and copy it into a new format. And with the ground work for a lot of activities already laid,that shouldn't be too much of a problem either. Basically,what you do is take a big problem and break it down into smaller problems you can solve as you go.
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