Remake/Remaster of Saints Row 1&2

Discussion in 'Ask Volition!' started by Azrael_1000, Apr 19, 2018.

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    I do agree Windows has some benefits for laptops, for example Linux's poor support for fractional display scaling is an ongoing issue for laptop displays. But, once it's configured with the appropriate hardware, I find Linux just much more of a joy to work with. And the whole "Windows as a service" forced updates is unacceptable to me. I guess I will have to eventually accept it if game companies don't make good Linux versions of their games, but then dual boot will have to suffice.
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  2. Either devs make a good linux port or the Ubuntu devs start getting to work on making Windows games run properly on Linux thus dropping the need of a port as long as .exe works flawlessly. I'm glad Linux has done you some good though, I was fond of it when I didn't need to have a special activation code or some other Microcunt bullshit. I did hear from my dad though that an Ubuntu update didn't warn him that his files would be deleted (they moved from Unity to GNOME and users weren't warned about the deletion of important files.)
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    That's odd. I'm on Ubuntu 16.04, and it's never deleted anything unexpectedly or updated to GNOME. It still gives me security updates regularly, but nothing that changes functionality. It sounds like your Dad forced a major upgrade without doing his research first. Major version upgrades in Ubuntu can be very different. You really need to make sure you know what you're getting before you do that. Ubuntu 18.04 is GNOME. Unity and GNOME are completely different environments, and you should expect it to delete files if you switch between them.
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  4. Quantum is right, never happened to me either and my system was a variant of Ubuntu called Xubuntu 18.04.
  5. But how did the recent Xbox One port get made, then? Surely someone at Volition needed to dig through the Xbox 360 source code and change some stuff around to fit Xbox One, so making a PC re-port (so sorry) is just one more step, right?
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    It's not a port at all. Backward compatibility is all done by Microsoft to make the existing game work on their console. The code for the game wasn't changed at all. That's why an actual 360 disc works.
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  7. *sound of hope crashing like a window*
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  9. If we can't get a remaster of the best games, we need the next installment to atleast be more like them, not over the top bland gameplay. I'd pay so much for just a good gangster game, with an enticing city and good customization. The way saints row 1 and 2 did it.
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