Remake/Remaster of Saints Row 1&2

Discussion in 'Ask Volition!' started by Azrael_1000, Apr 19, 2018.

  1. What Volution and the Community think about that Idea?
  2. Funny, because no matter how many times the community asks for it Volition never considers it.

    The closest we can get to a remastered Saints Row 1 and 2 is modding Saints Row IV. I heard Volition was supposed to release some other SDKs for modding vehicles and the game's map but for some reason they never released them. I don't think they're ever going to release the SDKs.
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    Honestly, I would be happy to pay $60 for a well-remastered SR2. I would feel a lot better about that than the $60 I paid for AOM. But it has to be done well, and no cartoonish graphics or removed features. Because they would inevitably remove the features I like most. But, honestly, a SR2 with modern graphics would be totally awesome.

    And, I really enjoyed SR1 too, although the campaign with really too difficult for me. But it would be nice if they had a version for modern platforms and PC so people who don't have an Xbox can enjoy it.

    Don't think either will ever happen, though. It sounds like the source code isn't in great shape, and re-creating it from scratch would probably be a monumental task.
    That's never going to even be remotely close to SR2. The map is tiny and ugly compared to SR2, and we have no map editing tools.
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  4. ...I didn't say have Saints Row 2 happen in Steelport, though... ...I did mention that Volition was supposed to release some SDKs for Saints Row 2 and the successor titles (so I heard) but for some reason they didn't do this, and had they done it we wouldn't need Steelport, we'd just need a community willing to make it happen. The only SDKs they released was for (I'd assume) clothing and weapons. We both know that we're still a long way from being able to edit cars and switch the game's map. It's 2018 and we still never managed this. I'm not surprised because technically nobody's written anything/made a tool to open up city hectors (like OpenIV can with GTAIV and GTAV) and edit them. I think it IS being worked on as we speak but I think it's going to be another couple of months before it happens. Maybe even a year from now.

    My point was is with the new lighting effects from Saints Row IV we can just use that as a foundation for a fan made Saints Row experience, or even recreate the past Saints Row games. Saints Row 3 doesn't have street lamps casting shadows like SRIV does and this is why I suggested that, when it becomes possible to edit maps and add traffic/peds to a custom map, that we use Saints Row IV as a foundation. There are mods to remove super-powers but I think most modders would consider just removing them altogether from the game's code.

    But if they were to remake Saints Row 1 and 2, they're just going to have to suck up to the fact it's going to a monumental task. They had no problem making the previous Saints Row games before and they had no problem making AOM. Look at the detail put into Seoul. They obviously had people working together to help them but if they can make a fantastic, lively city like AOM's Seoul, then they shouldn't have a problem recreating Saints Row 1 and 2 from the ground up. I think they should use the SR3/SR4 engine and see how far it can get them. Or just create a brand new engine... and bring back custom characters.
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    I wish we had something like the Far Cry 2 map editor for Saints Row games. I've made some amazing maps with that editor, and I've always wished I could do that for the Saints Row games.
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    CD Projekt Black handled the SR2 port through THQ and we were only peripherally involved with QA and a producer being on it. We never received the source code from this, and believe that it was lost in the THQ bankruptcy auction. There is no way to do a remaster unless we can rebuild everything from scratch which is simply not feasible. It's not that we don't consider it, and we've said as much many times on stream, on our social, on forums, etc.

    The SDKs were being worked on by a few devs in our spare time outside of work, and we ended up losing most of them along the way for different reasons. With the layoffs after the release of AOM it's not really an option any longer.
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  7. Sad story :( but I believe that SR2 PC source code would not help so much, it didn't feel like a port from consoles at all, more like single-game xbox360 emulator\wrapper. It's works... somehow as bad as GTA4 but horsepowers increase GTA 4 performance, for SR2 result is pretty random.
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    It does sound like the PC ported code would be of limited value, since the majority of work would probably be rebuilding world assets in higher detail with new textures. You could probably port audio and animations without too much change (not sure if there are more bones in the skeletal models which would make porting animations more challenging). I'm assuming program logic and AI is written in C++, so that can probably be ported, but the different architectures would require data format changes. And, with a new engine, all the interfaces are probably quite a bit different, so more data format changes. Yes, it would be a ton of work. But well worth the effort, in my highly biased and totally selfish opinion. :p
  9. AOM was such a good game. I've spent so many hours exploring and unlocking secrets,
    but a lot of people don't feel the same about it, so a new IP is probably out of the picture (for now),
    however Volition is still a company that makes games, good ones, meaning they're working on something
    now, and like I said a new IP is highly unlikely (I've been wrong before). Whatever that game is, I really think
    it will be an additional installment to a previous game. Maybe we'll see something at E3 though hmm?
    Sony's dominating the market, so maybe Volition will announce something on PlayStation Experience, and then,
    go multiplatform like Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice. I'm just glad Volition's still making games, and I just pray those
    affected by stupid circumstances can do what they enjoy for a living, without having to worry about making ends meet.
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