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    Reasonable Body Slider Mod Readme


    This is not a knockers-mod! Although you can have bigger ones withthis mod, there are certainly better ones for that purpose out there!


    This Mod changes the body sliders to be a bit more exessive (Oh no! Another Body Mod!!!). My personal aim was to make my heroine a bit more muscular. Unfortunately, at some (rather early) point, the clothing items start to clip a lot and there are also some bone-morphs in the upper arms, that are out of proportion.

    Therefore I did a trial and error based search for sensible maxima. This is the result. Personally, I dont use maximum muscular settings with this mod but something like 60-70% muscular, rest skinny. To get a better idea, here are some screenshots with description:

    Comp000SA.jpg Comp100SA.jpg CompFat.jpg CompMuscle.jpg CompThin.jpg HairClipping.jpg In-Game.jpg


    Find your game folder. It usually resides on your c drive in your steam folder.

    On my system, the full path is:

    c.\Program Files (x86)\steam\steamapps\common\Saints Row IV

    This may vary depending on your local windows version / weather you have a 32 or 64 bit sytem or if you selected a different installation path.

    Unzip the archive in a location you can easily find. Then browse to that location and copy/paste the file 'player_creation.xtbl' into your games main folder.



    Delete the file 'player_creation.xtbl' from your game folder.


    Unfortunately, there are some clipping issues with some of the thinner hairstyles. There also may be clipping with some clothing items, I most certainly did NOT test them all. I don't think there is a modder's way to solve this. If there is, please educate me!


    Zitch - Original creator od Dummybumps for SR3 where all other Slider Modders got their knowledge - thx for the input Uzi!

    Uzi - I used his mod as a reference and study guide. My mod is different though. Thanks mate!

    Saints Row Mods (.com) Team - For hosting this superb site and the insane ammount of work you guys must be investing into it!

    Saints Row Developement Team - For making this game.

    Licensing (lol)

    In case you didn't know, mods by their nature are baesed on copyrighted material. Therefore, modders don't have any copyright on them whatsoever. All rights are with the game producer.

    Anyway, if you want to use this mod, change it, republish it, fool around with it in any way, please feel free to do so. No need to ask me, no need for credits, no nothing.

    Be aware however, that this mod is based on the property of whoever owns the rights to Saints Row IV. If you'd use any contents of this mod for any other product, you would violate their copyright. My 2 cents.

    Version History

    1.0 Initial Release

    1.1 Changed method of achieving increased morph to improve clipping issues. Some clipping with both clothes and hairstyles may still occur.

    Have fun!


    Some more screens from my char made with this mod. Neither breast nor muscle are maxed (don't worry about the bald head, there are plenty of working hairsyles. It's just the way I play):

    Ingame2.jpg Ingame3.jpg


    EDIT: Changed all screenshots to be able to move this to the non-adult section of the forum again.

    EDIT2: Credits & description updated. New version with less clipping.

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  2. Arglaar

    Arglaar Nitpicking Bastard Staff Member

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  3. cool, nice work.
  4. First thanks, I've been waiting and waiting.
    2nd, can't you make it so the thighs and butt goes more heavier, specially the butt. The butt size change almost to none. I'd like to have bigger butt and more bigger thighs if possible.
    I'll be grateful if you'll do that in your next update, Thanks.
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  5. New version solving some (not all) clipping issues. First version was really screwed up. It's a learning process.

    Unfortunately, I can't and I doubt that anyone else can. There are no values for individual body parts other than the breasts. All we have to play with are the slider settings from the game, i.e. you can increase the fat setting for example but you can't take the butt from the fat setting and combine it with a thin waist.

    I'm very new to modding the Saints Row series of games, so maybe there is some magican out there who can. But my personal bet would be, that something like this would have been published already, if it was possible.
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  6. Uzi


    Awesome. I'm going to be checking this out this morning.

    As a point of reference please note that the original author of Dummybumps for SR3, which I merged to use for SR4 as mentioned above, has returned and is known as Zitch
    here on these boards.
    He has posted updated versions of his work I based my merge on in SR3 mods in Progress
    In due time he has said he will be releasing a SRIV ready version.

    Please use any reference thanks to ZITCH rather than me as all I did was merge his work to existing SR4 table.
    IT is GREAT to see all this work being done. As of yesterday I was toying with Bigger is Better mod and had decided I liked it enough to switch to that rather than using
    my merge of the old Dummybumps for SR3. Reason, if I wanted I could go crazy big on lady bumps. XXX had room to grow. Cackle.

    However I do like my lady gangstas of the more muscular build so your mod I am going to gander at today. I may switch yet again!
    I will note also with Bigger is Better I noticed when at extremes on triangle and 'sex scale ' there is some distortion of skull regions. This seems common.

    Yah, the one downside is you can make your character so big they bust out of some of the nicer clothing items.
    One of these days maybe that can be fixed. Nuff for now.
  7. Ok thanks, one more question. Is there a way to import the default body in 3ds max to edit the body mesh? like if i shape the default body and export it back in the game, That way i'll be able to get the shape i want and by increase the build size in the game i will have the size.
    I know how to edit meshes in 3dsmax i have 3-4 body mods i made for skyrim, i just have to know a way to import and export the body for saints row 4.
  8. Arglaar

    Arglaar Nitpicking Bastard Staff Member

    Not yet, but it's coming.
  9. My work around to fix the tearing clothes is to go back to the main menu and then back to the game. That seems to initialize the clothing.

    However I don't use this particular mod. I just edit player_creation.xtbl to get my female character more muscular.
  10. Because we use same method =)
    In X and X+ variants of my mod "PLAYER_GENDER_TEXT" section very same with this mod.
    In XX and other I used double meanings, that leading to more face-deformation.
    At this moment i can't find variant of code, that don't cause face deformation.
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