Vehicles Realistic Top Speeds

Something I've been wanting to see for a while. I always hated when open-world GTA-esque types of games always do this, where all the cars are really slow. Even the fastest cars in games sometimes will only max at like 100 MPH or something. In GTA V for example, the fastest car in the game, at least for a while, just barely reached 130 MPH.

I've always enjoyed more realistic top speeds in these types of games. That being said, I thought it'd be great to see in the Saints Row games. Particularly the reboot (I've fairly enjoyed the reboot personally, then again I got it for free on Epic so I'm obviously less critical of a game I didn't spend money on).

I think the reboot's cars are quite nice, but it bothers me that cars only have like 4 or rarely even 5 gears but then max out at like 60 MPH or so. It makes driving feel sluggish and boring, more like you're going for a simple cruise than actually racing.

I saw there's an accessibility option that defaults at 100 and goes as low as 50 that applies a speed limit to vehicles to make them even slower. I was always curious if it'd work if I could edit my save to increase the value over 100 and make cars faster but I don't think it'd work.
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After some poking around with Cheat Engine and this game's forums, I assume the Cheat Engine way of doing this has been patched, since another thread mentioning body modifications seemingly worked fine... then you scroll down a few posts later and people saying the shared character was deleted, they didn't really want you to submit modded characters...
What I'm saying is that one might have an easier time to do this in an older version of the game. In theory, of course 😂