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Before releasing your mod:
  • Pack all the files necessary for your mod into a ZIP file, RAR file or 7z file. Saints Row Mods recommends 7-Zip. Name this new file something simple and descriptive, and add a version number!
  • Make sure it's your own work. If it's not your own work, get permission. If you can't get permission, contact a moderator.
  • Write a readme.txt file containing install instructions and a small description of your mod.
  • If you've only made a small change to an existing mod, post those changes in the original mod thread or get permission from the mod author to release a new version.
  • Mod releases should never contain executable code unless approved by a moderator. Modding tools should be posted in the Tool Releases forum, and you are encouraged to release your source code - this helps ensure that others can learn from your work.
  • Attach your compressed archive to the first post in the thread. It's ok to also link to other download sites but you MUST upload the mod to the forum. You may encounter problems uploading very large mods (100MB+) - if so, host it elsewhere and PM me - I'll get it mirrored on Saints Row Mods too.
When you release an update to your mod:
  • Pack the new version of all your files (even if you didn't change them) into a new archive and give it a new version number so people can easily tell if they should update.
  • Update your readme - add what you've changed!
We recommend (but do not require) that you add screenshots if it is appropriate. If you do include screenshots, make sure to use inline images rather than just linking them.
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