Re-Enabled Satchel Charges

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  1. Satchel charges for SR IV - 0.6
    by Lenankamp
    satchel-preview1.jpg satchel-preview2.jpg
    So this adds Satchel Charges as an explosive at Friendly Fire. It's currently using the RPG explosions, and RPG explosion upgrades. The satchel is in a bad position, but the projectile itself is great. It seems to have a way too much mass and causes cars to sink in to the ground. The control scheme files is kind of optional, but I use 360 control pad and this remaps the detonation to the 'X' button from RB as to not conflict with powers. I haven't figured out how to rebind the key for PC, so it overlaps the power use button.

    Plus or minus on way satchels work compared to previous games, explosions will cause the charges to detonate. This means you can link multiple together to create one very large explosion, but you will not be able to time multiple charges to send objects very very high in to the sky.

    Thanks to IdolNinja for being awesome, Volition for the game, and Minimaul for the tools

    Update 0.5 - Removed flags to display reserve ammo and the detonator in offhand as reserve ammo is no longer used and just reports bad info and the offhand detonator was out of place. Add ammo.xtbl and increased capacity from 4 to 12.

    Update 0.51 - Had forgotten to test Vehicle support, works well, had to assign the Offhand grenade explosion to something for detonation to work, assigned to Right Stick for 360 pad overlapping the car horn.

    Update 0.6 - Thanks to IdolNinja for pointing out the animation tables had to be in tables folder, this fixes the animation for females.

    Update 0.61 - Just refreshed the weapons_costume.xtbl with latest patch as of 9/16/13.

    Details of files changed are in the readme so you can tweak your own files to be compatible with other mods.

    Work in progress thread is

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  2. Very fun to play around with but the sinking cars is a little annoying but tolerable so thanks for the mod =]
  3. usefull mod )) thanks. by the way...stockings are great! could you say where i may find it? its texture of legs,right?
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    Arglaar Nitpicking Bastard Staff Member

  5. big thanks! its just what needed ))
  6. Awesome. But it'll be great once you sort out the vehicle bug. Because my favorite feature was taking a car off a ramp with a bunch of c4 on the back (And no vehicle damage) and then detonating it, flying a minivan across steelport. cx
  7. This mod is damn awesome. Good job restoring the satchels, pity about that sinking car bug though. Here's an alternate version I've been using that brings back the classic satchel explosion sound effect and disables the sticky property of the satchel projectile to get rid of that annoying bug. Just extract these files to your SR4 folder after installing the mod.

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  8. Fan of Saints

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    Nice. :)
    Also, I just hope that you'll re-balance all weapons, like in SR3. :D
  9. Fan of Saints

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    BTW, I just started to make new costume for Satchel Charges (thanks Shitface for inspiration!):

    Here's an entry to weapon_costumes.xtbl for interested. Just note that when you'll throw Present it will transform into normal Satchel. I have no idea how to fix it.
    Code (Text):
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