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Re create my character lol

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Sabb84, Jan 9, 2017.

  1. This isnt a big deal but I just wanted to ask just to see, I know nothing of creating 3d models yet, Ill be going to school soon for 3d animation. But since right now it is impossible to exctract my custom avatar from saints row, could it be possible to send his file to someone who has saints row and model close to him lol. I would do it myself if I could. I really wish there was a tool to just extract the character but I've been told it is really complicated. For my own entertainment I want to make little flash animations with my character and pictures. Using Garrys mod or Unreal Engine. If not then oh well I'll continue dreaming and wait to see if a tool ever comes out haha
  2. So you want to remake your character from sr1 in sr4? This isn't as hard as you think so I don't think you need a bunch of modding mumbo jumbo like "extracting" and and all this bullshit, you just need to be good at character creation.
  3. What program would you recommen? And no I want to recreate my character from Saints Row 4
  4. You want to make a 3d model based on your sr4 character? cant help you there. not saying its impossible though.