Rain's Mini-Mods: Jimmy's Car Sucks!

This is a part of a series of mods I will be doing called Rain's Mini-Mods.
All of my mods are built for SRTTR.
However all of my Mini-Mods should work on both SRTT and SRTTR.

This mini-mod makes it very hard to destroy Jimmy's car in the mission "Weird Science"
I will be shocked if someone (without trying to) can manage to blow his car up

NOTE: I litterally just edited the car called "Zimos"
This means you can find the tanky car in freeplay as well

To install:
Drag car_4dr_standard03_veh.xtbl into /SaintsRowTheThird

To uninstall:
Delete car_4dr_standard03_veh.xtbl from /SaintsRowTheThird​


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Now it's actually useful, not just a regular purple giant truck with a decorative-only loudspeaker attached to the roof o_O:rolleyes::cool:
Technically this mission is still possible WITHOUT the mod (as with MOST/ALL escort missions involving one shitty car) since there are checkpoints/scripted areas that repair the vehicle along the way...i only say this cause i JUST did the mission...tho since this a DLC mission, these are actually toward end-game AFTER base game...so by then you should already be OP BEFORE starting this mission...100% immunity to bullets is VERY useful...
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this is a cheat mod? Do i have to activate?

because my car keeps exploding :/
it doesn't even seem to be more resistant.