Rain's Mini-Mods: Cheaty Properties

Discussion in 'Other mods' started by Rainzeros, May 24, 2020 at 6:12 AM.

  1. This is a part of a series of mods I will be doing called Rain's Mini-Mods.
    All of my mods are built for SRTTR based on files from SRTT.
    This means all of my Mini-Mods work on both SRTT and SRTTR.

    This mini-mod changes property cost and discounts given for owning such properties.

    In the original version of this mini-mod every property costs $5000 and provides $5000/hr
    Every store costs $5000, provides $2500/hr, and includes an 100% discount.
    The Airport is an exception costing $15000 and providing $15000/hr.

    The No Insane Discount Edition (NIDE) has a discount of 10%/50% instead of a 100% discount.

    The Perfect Balance Edition (PBE) has a 25%/75% discount, all properties will cost $5000 and provide $5000/hr, all stores will cost $2500 and provide $2500/hr.

    Note: the reason there is two discounts for the NIDE and the PBE is because once you own all properties of a certain type (ie owning EVERY friendly fire) you receive a higher discount.

    to install:
    drag shop_names.xtbl into your install directory

    to uninstall:
    delete shop_names.xtbl from your install directory

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  2. I decided I wasn't entirely happy with the original mod as random properties paid higher amounts so i scrapped the original mod and remade it. Also ive decided i will be starting a mini mods series based on SRTT files that are designed for SRTTR. Compatible with both games. This is only the start.
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