Question for the devs regarding clothing restrictions

Oh dang, I didn't realize a small convo opened up here. Agree with the sentiments here, sr2022 is a great candidate for the sr2 treatment. I actually really like Santo Illeso and some more tweaking, secret areas and interiors can go a long way in adding more to explore and see in an already established map. Also with one game already done, the devs would likely be familiar enough with the engine to be able to do more with it. Including removing some of the restrictions. I mean I don't know the reality of being a game dev, and I have no idea if there's even gonna be a sequel with how the reboot ended up, but im hopeful that the series gets to continue in some capacity. Of all the open world crime games out there, saints row remains special to me since its the only one that allows me the freedom to express myself how I want to while criming. On that note, can we get a rainbow brick dlc, it is pride month after all