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  1. i am fully aware that currently is not possible to edit the current hair meshes/npc clothing etc because the resources are limited(no tool for it yet). But what i am currently going to attempt is to replace a hat/helmet mesh completely with a hair mesh/model from elsewhere. what gave the idea that it *might* be possible was a screenshot i saw online (i think at this point anyone who ever searched for the hair mods for SRTT may have found it before too and i will be including it in this post.) what i took note of was that the fact that te hair was listed as an item under hats, and not as a selection in Image As Designed. So i figured it would not hurt me any to try it. (Sorry if this was asked already, I did not see any other threads about it)

    the idea of how i think it might work is maybe need to make your character bald in order to use these hairs to prevent clipping issue etc. but i will see what i can manage with this.

    images (4).jpg
    ^aforementioned screenshot
    (Nevermind just saw news of the SDK being worked on but still i will leave this post open in case it is/isnt plausible)
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  2. rastaman289

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    Oh, I remember this picture ! But it's a fake haircut, sadly .
  3. You can move the hair style to the hat section. Or better, you can add a "hair" section to your wardrobe and planet saints. You won't need to remove your current hair it will act like normal hair.
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  4. Admixon

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    It's a little bit bugged. Sometimes it doesn't appear
  5. Did you test this before?
  6. Admixon

    Admixon Administrator Staff Member

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  7. has anyone mad this a mod yet or is in progress of doing so because I really want to have a character with that hair in the picture and if anyone knows where a mod for it is can you give me the link
  8. I have a more important can I make the playable character that adorable?
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