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  1. All other cribs within the original game can be customised. Wether you want to have a run-down boiler room, or a sweet pimp pad, the Crib Customisation allows you to make it your own. And none of it affects mission replay... But there's just something about Pierce standing in the Saints Hideout, saying: "You definitely need a stripper pole in this bitch.", as he's standing right in front of a stripper pole. So here's my idea:
    Purgatory Customisation:
    Overall Style:
    • Ratty
    • Average
    • Purgatory
    Stripper Pole (with surrounding Seats):
    • Burning Trash
    • Average Table
    • Stripper Pole
    • Ratty
    • Average
    • Purgatory
    • Ratty
    • Average
    • Saint Of All Saints
    I really hope this is possible, because all through the story-line they talk about customising the Hideout, even though it is already customised. It's ruins the mission replay completely.
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  2. Second Question. Could an Arrested (Mini-game) mod be made? My idea for this would be:
    1. Take the aim animation for the duel wield pistols, then bring the hands close together until they're practically touching.
    2. Rotate the arms down until they're either in front of their stomach, or behind their back.
    3. Take the Sectioned Bracelets for both wrists, then give them a silver skin.
    4. Attach the new animation to the pair of Sectioned Bracelets (Creating the Handcuffs).
    5. Add this modded pair of handcuffs to the Melee Weapon Section of Brass Knuckles, (Because I believe everything in the game should be available for use in free-roam).
    6. Then every time you get Wasted or Arrested, have the Boss spawn in one of the cells in the Stilwater Prison, with no weapons other than the Handcuffs (Which can't be removed until you find the key).
    7. Either explore the entire Prison to look for the randomly placed key (The longer you explore, the higher your notoriety will rise), or quickly escape then purchase a Key from Brass Knuckles for $500,000 (Mainly because I'm sick of my character having millions and no way to get rid of it).
    The reason being, once you've completed all the Missions, Strongholds, Activities, Stunts, CD Collection, Tag Locations, and Secret Locations over 200 times, you find yourself looking for something to do within free-roam that uses the environment. We have a fully designed Prison that was only used for two missions, now it just stays there gathering dust.

    There could be some kind of mini-game that involves picking up injured people in an Ambulance, then driving them to the Hospital, then put them on a Gurney and wheel them in to the Operating Room (Because the Hospital Interior is just used in one mission, and now just gathers dust.)

    I could go on, but I think I've made my point. Lot's of building interiors that could be used for infinitely re-playable Mini-Games, but instead just exist as none-interactable locations (Meaning you can still enter them... But for what purpose?).
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  3. After some experiments I managed to change Saints HQ status from mission scripts and Sandbox+:
    Code (Text):

    -- Set Saints HQ to Level 1
    city_chunk_swap("sr2_ug_chunk104_ST_HQ", "level1", false, true, false)
    -- Set Saints HQ to Level 2
    city_chunk_swap("sr2_ug_chunk104_ST_HQ", "level2", false, true, false)
    -- Set Saints HQ to Level 3
    city_chunk_swap("sr2_ug_chunk104_ST_HQ", "level3", false, true, false)
    I will probably add these to the next version of my Sandbox++ mod.
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