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    o.j saint


    This modification will add Marvel's Dare Devil 2016 Punisher Logo (Season 2) onto the following clothing:

    -"Mighty Vest" (Let's Pretend) -Male only
    -"Subterfuge" (Nobody Loves Me) -Male only

    1. Extract archive
    2. Move files to:
    ......Program Files(x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Saints Row the Third
    3. Launch SRTT and go shopping as a male player character.
    4. Look for the following:
    -"Mighty Vest" (Let's Pretend)
    -"Subterfuge" (Nobody Loves Me)

    -To Minimaul and Scanti for the tools
    -To Gameqube for the ASM_Updater
    -To VIPER VENOM for writing an awesome tutorial

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  3. Does this mod work on Saints Row 4?
  4. I don't think so, but I'm sure it can be ported over easily.
  5. Great mod. I always wanted to play The Punisher in an open world setting. For nostalgia sake could you provide a version with the comic book style logo to the mighty vest as another option (I attached an image). If not thanks anyway.

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  6. Don't really want to, honestly. But I get it though, the new edgy logo can get old. I'll do a bit of research in acknowledgement of your request. As for now, unsure.
  7. LOL when I asked you long time ago about some improvements in this mod you simply said, I'm not doing anything for punisher stuff again......
    And here we are....
    Good job.
  8. The classic logo design leaves more room for creative freedom, so I kind of see some potential. Also, Volition was part of the 2005 Punisher game, I thought it would be a nice throw-back.
  9. Thanks for responding back. I guess I was one of the few who thought The Punisher PS2 game was an excellent game (what do critics know anyway:D). The game was linear though, so you didn't have many options. I think open world suits the character better. Anyway, having the original logo would take me back to those PS2 playing days. Thanks again for the consideration.
  10. Anyone ever notice how similar the civilian cars from Punisher game (2005) are to the "GO!" from Saints Row?
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