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  1. This is a compilation of mods made by me. I can't really describe what's its purpose, but all the mods are made by me. That's for sure. These are the mods that I play the game with when I play it.
    The PL! adds mostly many new colors, tunes up game colors and game world's lightning and ambience sound, it also adds new races, new radios (still in "beta"). Some small changes were made to polish the game to my likings too.

    Changelogs in the second post.

    Download links:
    v 2.0:
    v 1.0:

    Have fun!

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  2. Changelogs

    v 1.0
    v 2.0

    - 5 new races added:
    1. (SAINT'S ROW DISTRICT, Athos Bay - Hospital Parking) Parking Race [easy] - Storey car park. Some hard turns. Not that hard, but quite a challenge.
    2. (BARRIO DISTRICT, Ezpata - between buildings) Rooftop Stunts Madness [hard] - This one's tough. You'll need to think of your next move, and think quickly. Great jumps over streets and from one rooftop to another. Hard ending.
    3. (SUBURBS DISTRICT, Misty Lane - under the bridge) Monster Truck Trial [easy/fun] - You'll have fun with this one. Quite a few bumps that will throw you in the air. And monster trucks are great.
    4. (AIRPORT DISTRICT, Huntersfield - in front of the building) Urban Speed Trial [medium/hard] - You get a sports car and a head start. You get to ride your own way to the chopshop on the other side of the city, but watch out - your enemies aren't that stupid.
    5. (Hidden - one of the highest spots in the Stilwater) Downhill Adrenaline [secret/impossible] - Downhill Madness, Hidden Race no 1. It's placed on one of the highest mountains in the city, and there's an insane jump off a cliff. Just don't mash your keyboard in fury. (NOTE: It's "impossible" because it's quite insane if you want to get the gold medal. Only for the best.)

    - Changes to make city feel more alive:
    - all city lights and searchlights are now turned on all day long (looks best with high graphics)
    - cars spawning on parking spots have 100% chance to spawn
    - character color balance (char_color_balance.xtbl) changed to give the player and the pedestrians a more colorful look
    - districts' ambience (district_ambience.xtbl) sound volume raised

    - New colors:
    - 18 new car colors added (all found at the bottom of the Iridescent section):
    - 6 Fluo colors (Blue, Yellow, Red, Green, Cyan, Purple) - shining bright white in the sunlight and getting some colors in the shadow
    - 11 Ghost colors - they are similar to the Iridescent colors, they have a great white reflex at the "end of the car view"
    - Magic Paint - I still don't know how this one works, but it works like a charm, and it takes a different color on every other vehicle and car part

    - 8 new hair colors added: Dyed Black (matte), Dyed Black (shiny), Dyed White, Sunny Blonde, Disco Pink, Toxic Green, Carrot, Ayanami Blue
    - 7 new tattoo colors added: Shadow, Ghostly, Army Green, Lime, Yellow, Bloodish, Pink
    - 4 make-up colors added: Yellow 3, Ice Blue, Black 2, White 2

    - Radio Improvement Project (RIP):
    - new radio, 97.7 Moodio added - Top 10 hits of Saints Row 2!
    - name changed to Moodio (Online) to increase the realism of the changes
    - commercials removed from 102.4 Klassic classical music radio
    - added "beta" Commercials radio
    - added "beta" Clubtopia (Online) radio - Club music all night long.

    - Other changes:
    - Most of the vehicles' wheel size tuning limits have been widened
    - 5 more style levels added
    - "No" limits on max stash (20 millions dollars allowed)
    - Panic fall velocity (the vertical distance needed for a PC to get into a ragdoll-after-fall state) changed
    - Playing LAN Party and not logged into GameSpy? Get ready to become a ninja, a cop, a hotdog guy, a prisoner or a poor naked BASTARD. (NOTE: Works weird. More research needed.)
    - Pause menu background tint changed to Saints Purplish (due to a weird programming it will sometimes choose another modded-in color, Saints Gold)
    - Ambulance activity: some cars, excluded from spawning in ambulance.xtbl like UFO or Baron, now have a chance to spawn
    - Melee finishing hit camera has 100% chance to happen
    - Base Jumping diversion's smoke effect changed to a fancy spotlight

    - Revisit Zombie minigame
    - Revisit Co-Op diversions (e.g. Cat & Mouse)
    - More research on the problem mentioned above (red font)
    - Polish the radio stations
    - More car colors
    - Maybe more make-up and hair colors
  3. Screenshots

    Screenshots coming soon.
  4. J@Y


    Impressive stuff you have here.

    Keep it up, friend.
  5. Haha, thanks! More additions coming soon, stay tuned!
  6. How do I install it?
    I just dumped patch.vpp.pc in the SR3 steam folder and the modified folder in there too.
    and nothing changed.
  7. [V] IdolNinja

    [V] IdolNinja Volition Staff

    Look at what forum section this is in. This is a Saints Row 2 mod.
  8. Any chance of using this together with GotR?
  9. [V] IdolNinja

    [V] IdolNinja Volition Staff

    Perhaps when I start working on the next version. Before you ask... No, I don't know when that will be.
  10. You be working on GotR 2.0? Damn, thats awesome :D. Best of luck with modding, cheers.
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