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Preloading custom effects, anims and sound

Discussion in 'Steam Workshop' started by rastaman289, Nov 25, 2016.

  1. rastaman289

    rastaman289 Modding patch tester

    I am reposting this here since it seems this part of the forum we should use now .

    Since we can preload models now, could we get the possibility to preload new effects ? I'd like to get some of SR3 effects into the game . And also anims and sounds, it's necessary for some sort of weapons I'd like to make .

    It would work the same as models, you'd make a vfx_preload_containers.asm_pc file containing your new entries and then you'd make an effects_preload.xtbl containing your new entries . It could be like that :
    And for the animations, you just toss the anim files in the mod archive or in a new container (then it would need another asm) and you'd get another xtbl like for the effects but it would be named animations_preload.xtbl and would be like this :
    Then for the sounds, you'd have to make a new soundbank containing the new sounds, again you'd toss the filesin the mod archive or in a new package (then again you'd need another asm), then you'd make a new audio_banks.xtbl containing your new entry :

    That's all I could think of . I made all of this by looking the already existing tables, and trying to make everything simple . The only problem I could see is maybe for the Wwise id, don't know if you can make one yourself or if it's different, but I could be wrong .

    EDIT : Could we also get an add clusters function for the cheats ? Many people are asking an Add Clusters cheat for the Additional Cheats mod I ported ?
  2. So with the following enough we could add/ change our animations?
    Its so funny that under Taunts & Compliments they didn't add a Walking Style & Running Style
  3. rastaman289

    rastaman289 Modding patch tester

    I believe, but with the development of AOM, they don't get enough time to include these (If anyone saw this) .
  4. Its funny cause at the beginning of SR4 your locked into a Walking Style...when I was making my Game Concept I remember someone saying the Customization was going to as far as your Blood-Type (Made some messed up character), but looking it now we still didn't get a game that allows you to choose your Walking & Running Animation and this is what people mod
    - Standing/Walking/Running/Crouching/Covering/Aiming with Your Weapons
    - 1-Hand: Both Hands on Handle, At the Hip, Angle-Gangster/Outward/Up/Down, Melee-Up/Down
    - 2-Hand: Rifle/Shotgun-On Handle & UnderBarrel, Rifle/Shotgun-On Handle & VerticalGrip, Chainsaw/Gatling/Flamethrower-LeftHandle & RightGrip/Opposite
    - Dual-Hands: Left/Right Arm Extension-Both/LeftHalf/RightHalf, Angled-Gangster/Outward/RightsideUp/UpsideDown, Melee-BothUp/BothDown/LeftDown/RightDown
    SR2 once had fighting style, but for SR4 they could have done Sprint Takedowns from SR3 & SR4 and allow players to choose between Sprint Moves and Fist Melee Combos like the Destroy the Generator Animation...that is something to do.

    I just want how does this work?