Possible to modify DLC customization_items.xtbl?

So edits to normal (non-dlc) items by using an edited customization_items.xtbl placed in the game root works just fine, but certain clothes/items seem to be controlled by their own file, e.g. dlc_2_customization_items.xtbl, and putting a custom edit of that into the root folder does absolutely nothing.

For example it seems impossible to edit CUST_ITEM_CM_POLICESUIT, as even although it exists in the normal customization_items.xtbl, it's also defined in dlc4_customization_items.xtbl (and this seems to be the one the game uses, as any changes to it in customization_items.xtbl have no effect).

Is this a similar problem to the game refusing to load, e.g. a loose sr3_city.lua file? Has anyone had any luck with editing any of the DLC clothes items like this?
Could it potentially be a case of needing to hexedit the dlc .xtbl files out of the .vpp packages so that the game loads them loose from the root folder?

Any ideas/help would be great, especially if anyone got it working.
Yup, you need to hexedit them out as well as the sr3_city.lua file

Thanks so much for the pointer in the right direction, I managed to figure it out! Hope this helps for anyone else that's confused:

I was really confused at first because it seems the game doesn't use the .xtbl files from the DLC packfiles themselves, but instead uses duplicates of them which are in the misc_tables packfile.

I followed the example of the loose lua packfile, by editing misc_tables.vpp to look like this:

And now the game happily loads a modded dlc2_customization_items.xtbl file from the root folder :)
Should work for dlc3 and dlc4 ones too, I guess.
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