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    This mod ports IdolNinja's and Firespite's extra clothing and extra makeup color for SRIV mod as well as most of the outfits from SRIV. You will need Minimaul's SRIV clothing mod, and Erza Scarlet's store menu mod for this to work.

    To install:

    Drop the 3 files in your Gat out of Hell roots folder: steamapps/common/Saints Row Gat out of Hell

    NOTES: a few outfits have removed as some cause crashes (Gat mascot, Murderbrawl male, Murderbrawl female); saved outfits will also show up for purchase in the store.

    • Firespite for the original clothing colors mod
    • IdolNinja for the SRIV clothing colors mod
    20200421141651_1.jpg 20200421141829_1.jpg 20200421143256_1.jpg

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  2. I do not have a GOOH game, but I think that everything works the same way. If it is interesting that the colors have names, you can change the file “customize_us.le_strings”, located in "misc.vpp_pc".

    In SR 4, this file is responsible for displaying color names. If you add new lines to it and place it in the root folder, "GrayPink 1” or “BrownGreen 2” will appear, which will greatly facilitate the search for the desired color.

    On my picture color names that are not original, and the color sorting was not done manually, but through a computer using the HSV model, not RGB, but it is not particularly important.

    Unpack “customize_us.le_strings”;
    Add a new line with the color name;
    Pack file in 'le_strings' and you will see the names for the color palette in the game!
    The name of the colors is written in 'character_color_pool.xtbl' or other file in <DisplayName> </DisplayName> tag

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    Nice job! I wanted to avoid adding strings because decreases the potentiality for compatibility with other mods, the original mod had no strings, and it's extra work.
  4. Regarding compatibility! In SR 4, no one uses the file “customize_us.le_strings” in a mod, so it is not affected by other mods. We also do not replace the lines, but add them, and even if these lines are not used in the game, nothing should happen, just nothing will be displayed.

    Here is a variant of the names created from your 'character_color_pool.xtbl' and 'make_color_pool.xtbl'. I don't know where the original Gooh color palette ends. I made a list for all the colors available. Copy in the “customize_us.le_strings” those lines that correspond to the added colors and the names will appear.

    In SR4, in large mod collections, the “customize_us.le_strings” file can really be used! If you want to modify your mod and use the color name - write instructions just in case, for those who already have this file. The file is needed only for displaying names and even deleting it - it will not affect the added colors and will not create problems.

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    That is so very very wrong. Alone the biggest mod compilations for SRIV as well as GooH use that file.
  6. Like I said. I don’t have GOOH, maybe this file “customize_us.le_strings” is used everywhere in GOOH, but in SR4 I have not yet seen mods where the modified “customize_us.le_strings” file would be used, although I do not use mods compilations. You can also add the instruction and write that if you already use the “customize_us.le_strings” file in root folder, do not replace it with a file from this mod! I described the ideal situation when mods are chosen so that they do not conflict. In general, many mods have the same files, and you need to combine them
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  7. Looks Awesome thx for showing love for the GOOH! I would like to see more mods for this Epic game, too bad they will prob neva remaster this title.
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