Play as Giant Zinyak Mech

The regular mech you get in the game? WhatEVER. That's baby mode. Get on this level. The hardcore mode.

Control a giant mech. Rapid-fire missles. Super fast running. Soar high in the skies and zoom across the island.

Just place the xtbl files in the root of the games install (the folder with the games .exe file) and you're golden.


Edit: Added an option to have all the other weapons be the vanilla versions. As it stands, the Alien RPG is in the SMG category and you dual wield it (it fires really fast) and the regular RPG is in the shotgun category and it turns everyone it hits into allies.

Removed the non-vanilla option. It's just better overall to keep everything else straight.

Updated to 1.4 - Shouldn't lose weapon progress anymore.


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  • Giant Mech mod - Vanilla Weapons
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That's cool as hell.
Thanks. I was having a real tough time figuring out something cool to pull off in SRIV because, fuck, they've got the craziest stuff already in there and a lot of it is specialized enough that tweaking it isn't too interesting. Then I saw this model in the Characters list and KNEW it had to be done. Tweaking cameras was a total pain but I'm really happy with the final result.

The camera modifier for the shoulder charge doesn't seem to apply unfortunately (if anyone can help me figure that out I'd really appreciate it) but the charge is slower than the normal walk speed anyway. I'd like to get that figured out in time.

Why don't you upload to the site?
I'm not sure what you mean. Upload to the site how?

You've released some of the coolest mods thus far
Thanks, that means a lot!
I'm not sure what you mean. Upload to the site how?
When creating a thread, there is a button "Upload a File" right next to "Create Thread".

Edit: You can click "Edit" to edit your post and click "More Options..." to upload a file after posting a thread.
When creating a thread, there is a button "Upload a File" right next to "Create Thread".

Exactly this. Please upload as an attachment instead of linking offsite.
Would you also please add a readme to your release with install instructions? I know this was probably unclear since we only had the mod release rules in the SRTT subforum (until I just added them now as a new sticky.)
Not sure if intended, but my shotgun was replaced by a rocket launcher. Also, it seems the boundaries have been removed (you can go straight through the red walls in the mech suit).