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Discussion in 'Mod Requests' started by Zitronensalat, May 1, 2020.

  1. Hello there!
    Is there any chance to get the pilot clothing items in the game?
    I have found them in the games files, but I haven't manged to add them into the game.
    Any help?

    Thanks for any response!

    They are called:

    pilot coat stuff
    pilot hat stuff
    pilot shirt stuff
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  2. Well, if you can find the id for the meshes and such then simply add them (or find them) in customization_items.xtbl then its fair game, aslong as you also add it to a store's clothing list
  3. That is what I did.
    I found them in the customization_items.xtbl and added them to the customization_stores.xtbl. But the games keeps crashing on start
  4. F13


    Some stores have a limit on how much clothes that can be added that has been reached in GOTR. Try removing some clothes from stores and replacing them with the pilot items.
  5. You dont have to add anything to stores xtbl if you have super ui and view store in wardrobe
  6. I tried that but it still keeps crashing on the load up screen at 80%

    I tried the mod, thanks for the recommendation, it is amazing
    But since there is no "misc" tab in the wardrobe store I can't access the items
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  7. Switch to store, and in customization items you should move it to another section, overshirt perhaps.
  8. I tried to move it into other section, like undershirt and belt but it didn't work neither
    It is not displayed in the shop
  9. I’m using the super ui mod, I’ve done everything here for another clothing item I want in the stores(emt patch) but it’s crashing at 80% I’ve been at this for a week tbh
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