Picking a Fight Mission Picking a Fight With Me!

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  1. So... By this time I've come to accept that the Saints Row 2 PC port, is trash.
    I've come to terms, that CD Projekt Red did the best that they could, and don't
    like drinking my tears from a pimp chalice...

    Saints Row 2's PC port is buggy and always will be.
    Sure, I may have to save the game whenever I enter a building,
    mission, or go shopping... I've even accepted that GoTR and Powertools
    aren't enough.

    However... I'm my mothers child... I'm tenacious... I can accept defeat... But just like my mom,
    if anyone takes me down... I'm bringing ol' dude down with me!

    I beat all my games... Hell! Dark Souls, Ninja Gaiden, and Battle Toads, bought me a few rounds
    not because they got whooped... It was out of RESPECT.

    So you could imagine my frustration, I'm going full Bruce Leroy Jenkins Gibbs III on Saints Row 2.
    I beat SR2's daddy on hardcore mode on the PlayStation 3, for talking smack now, his PC offspring

    wants a piece? OK.

    h e d i d n ' t s h o w

    I'm so pissed off right now dude...

    I have a fairly decent gaming laptop (Dell Inspiron 15 7559 GTX 960m)
    I use tools like Jet Boost and MSI After Burner and they've served me well for
    a long time.

    The mission in question is Ultor's Picking a Fight.
    It looks and plays like it's script heavy...

    Once the mission starts there's a cutscene that takes place at Club Koi. Every time gameplay starts, There are groups of Masako placed in the exact same places inside the club. There are 2 exits the player has to fight to get to for the mission to progress: The front entrance of Club Koi and the back exit... there are APCs, Masako and Police waiting on both sides to attack the player. If the player chooses either the same event will happen: Johnny Gat Calls the player and tells him/her that Shaundi and Pierce are in trouble. Once again there will be two waypoints one for Shaundi and one for Pierce. APCs seem to spawn in the same places on the road to the two characters, like they were placed there intentionally. Once there, there Notoriety will either stay the same, or disappear. for Shaundi, the player will have to shoot the van carrying her, but no destroy the van. failure is not do to a time limit but if the van is destroyed before Shaundi gets out of said van, or if the van drives the beach near Aisha's house and throws her out of that said van. For Pierce it's a bit easier. just shoot approx. 10 marked Masako, near Sunnyvale and that' it. depending on who you save first the cutscenes may vary, like the way they did in the "Three Kings" mission. From what I gathered that's it... I can't remember if there was a cutscene after you saved your lieutenants or not, but it's safe to say there is.

    I use GoTR and Powertools. I don't believe Powertools is compatible for Win10 but it keeps me playing Saints Row 2 way longer on PC.

    If anyone has any tips or tricks on how to get past this mission I'm all ears.

    If not, then I guess I'm all out of options, and will be stuck in video game limbo, like some sadder version of
    Garlic Jr. from DBZ.

    Thanks you, and I pray this bug never happens to anyone else.
  2. Admixon

    Admixon Administrator Staff Member

    CD Projekt not CD Projekt Red
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  3. Stupid handsome Geralt...
  4. Who is "he" in "h e d i d n ' t s h o w?"

    This mission in particular was pretty difficult for me too, but as usual, stocking up on ammo helps a lot.
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  5. After some thought, the best thing to do, is to start over... And try my best not to be salty about it.
    This thread has no reason to be here anymore, since it'll be redundant by tomorrow or earlier.
    I hope no one has to go through this... Gentleman of the Row is and always will be, not just a mod,
    but another video game in itself, that never fails to put a big stupid grin on my face. Someway and somehow GoTR
    captured the philosophy of Saints Row with just a .bat file: Being perfectly unperfect. I'd give each and everyone who worked and continue(d) to work on the mod, a high five
    and 500 grand if I could. They've made a game that's over 10 yrs/old fun and gave tools to people who want to expand on that fun.

    Still need to blow off some steam though. I need to delete this thread soon. I don't want to take up anymore space then there needs to be.

  6. I don't make sense when I'm angry do I? lol
    I believe I meant "He" meaning a constantly crashing Saints Row 2.
    The mission I was referring to wasn't hard for me, even on hardcore, since I did a bulk of activities that basically made me superhuman.
    It's just whenever I finished the mission it CTDs, so I can't move past it. It was frustrating.
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