Personal Weapon and Homies settings.


Hey mates!
This is a personal edition of mine...

What it contains?

Simple. This contains some edit I did on weapons.xtbl, weapons_upgrades.xtbl, homies.xtbl, spawn_info_groups.xtbl, spawn_info_categories.xtbl and spawn_info_ranks.

weapons.xtbl and weapons_upgrades.xtbl

Personally I didn't like the upgraded weapons. BUT. I still edited both normal and edited ones. Bling Shotgun now worth it to use. Trust me.

KA-1 Kobra: Fire rate Updated. (All levels)
45 Shepherd: 7 bullets on Magazine, fire rate increased (All levels)
K-8 Krukov: Increased Fire Rate. On level 4 carries 200 bullets instead of 120.
AR-55: Now fully automatic with increased Fire Rate.
Grave Digger: 5 rounds on level 1. 15 rounds on Level 3 and 4. With a small increase on Fire rate
Bling Shotgun 15 rounds. Shooting 3 rounds at the same time. (Believe me, It's awesome) and with increased damage.
S3X H4MM3R Overheat ceased to exist.
Viper Laser Rifle Overheat won't be a issue anymore.

Vehicles mounted weapons Looks like they lost their overheat too... Oops.

homies.xtbl, spawn_info_ranks.xtbl and spawn_info_groups.xtbl

The Saints will spawn only carrying K-8 Krukovs. This includes all homies.
Oleg will carry a Minigun.

Place everything from the folder "Place into SR3.exe Folder" into: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Saints Row the Third
Simple as that. :v

Read me is the same as the description. Sorry for not having pictures.


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Can you update someone mod for saints row the third I have sky ninja mod Decker blader and homie mod that gives you the Decker specialist roller blader and gang customisation one but I wonder if any one could give us both to Deckers specialist roller blader and homie gang customisation one aswell like the Deckers do , they have two decker specialist on the back of the cars and some in gang customisation I think it would be great to have them two decker specialist on the back of the car and some in the gang customisation aswell please let me know if you or anyone can do that thanks nice work
I'll try, but I still learning :v
So it'll take more time from me. But someone did posted the Dekcer specialist as homie already?
look and replace <Character>deckers_female_grace</Character>...changes character

I think you can probably give any character these characteristics:
<Spawn_Info_Rank>Roller Blader</Spawn_Info_Rank>...pull information from Roller Blader from spawn_info_ranks.tbl (weapons and hit points)
<AnimSets><AnimSet><Filename>RollerBlader.xtbl</Filename><PercentChance>100</PercentChance></AnimSet></AnimSets>...pull information from RollerBlader.xtbl (animation set for rollerblader)
<Flags><Flag>roller_blader</Flag></Flags>...not sure if this is important