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Discussion in 'Mod Requests' started by dragonfly10, May 6, 2019.

  1. Can someone please make a little Panties Mod? I really want a high g-string for my character that can appear while using pants/skirt/shorts like in SR2, and the game has a lack of everything in customization, including an "awesome" amount of panties, I want to make my character feel like SR2.
    Something like this, my preference is for a version of SO DEVILISH SWIM BOTTOM without the devil-heart, customizable with two colors (crotch/back and strings), but a little higher to make it visible.

    EDIT: This is how I think it should be (if possible).
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  2. BeautiDuwanger

    BeautiDuwanger Snow White

    This is an easy one, i can do it for you. But almost every pant/shorts in the game is coded to hide the underwear if im not wrong, so you might need to do some modifications to the vanilla customization_items.xbtl
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  3. No problem, I already removed restrictions for nearly all my clothes.
  4. Sorry for reviving this thread, but if someone can do it for me I will be grateful.
  5. How can I remove the restriction of ruptures that cover the underwear?
  6. Look at the xtbl section <Obscured_slots> of your desired item, then remove what you don't want to be obscured.
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