Overpowerd Back up (Homies)

Discussion in 'Mods in Progress' started by Mask Mods, Oct 9, 2013.

  1. Yet another homie mod from me :D

    This mod will add in a whole bunch of squad forming homies (like Saints back up)

    Squads will have:
    Ultra sheilds (Homies take no damage)
    Super Sprint
    Murderbot Mini Guns (or other powerfull weapons)
    Increased HP
    Increased damage

    Types out squads done so far:
    Saints Fans

    This is for when you just wana have fun and kill every thing in sight or wish to bring the fun back into the game once you have finished it many times

    Iv been working on around 6 diffrent homie mods over the last month or so , its finaly time to start getting some BETA's out ther

    *Will keep post updates with images and info







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  2. looks nice

    make prof. genki mascot homies ~

    that will be MURDER TIME FUN TIME

    genki vs genki ~
  3. They have to be diffrent npc's to work correctly as thers only like 3 npc's for genki and I think only 1 of them works 100% it could be done but might cause ishues else where ( I could just add Genki in with the mascots if needed like gang leader kind of thing)

    plus what do you mean by genki vs genki
    do you mean the genki that randomly spawns and attacks you they would attack him yes (these squads fight for you not each other case you ment fight each other) :D
  4. genki homie(mascot or something like that) attack genki ~

    and add genki homies

    its booring kill him fast(where i can find his stats ? i want to edit that for a lot hp)
  5. I think the one your on about is ped genki so search for genki in character.xtbl to find his entry to get the corect name then go to spawn_info_rank.xtbl and search for that spawn info rank from the npc for genki you found in the character.xtbl also you could just type in Genki in the spawn_info_ranks table as I already know thats what hes under as its used to somthing else I think may be warden uses same info cant rember off top of my head once you find genki just change is hp if you realy want you could add in some extra flags in his character table
  6. ok
    how i add flags ?
    idk T_T

  7. At the bottom of every table ther is all the elements that the table can be made up off, basicly like a guide if you look all the flags that can be used will be listed at the bottom, theyr all pretty logical you should be able to work out what flags are applicable. Find what flag you want to add into and to what character then just type or copy and paste than flags inbetwen the opening and closing sections of the flags <flags></flags>
  8. My gosh, Genkis too! Thanks for this, Mask Mods — makes me think I could have Genki homies fight a slew of enemy Genkis coming through portals. Hmmm!
  9. You could prob add Genki NPC's into portal spawn groups some how, and Genki homies need some work they dont have weapons by default atm as I was tryin to get them all using the hadooken weapons that come with powers and I forgot to add sheilds etc back onto saints fans but I will fix all that with next update as im working on new superpowers and weapons atm :D
  10. Yes! I've done some early work adding Genkis to those portals and notoriety. I've also been trying to replace every ped with a Genki — no luck so far though, the streets go blank if I replace all ped strings with a single type of ped. Not sure yet.
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