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Discussion in 'Mods in Progress' started by Darth_Overkill, Jul 14, 2018.

  1. Summary:
    This mod does two things:
    1) Changes the vehicles rewarded to you via "unlockables" at certain points in the game by replacing commonly available variants with harder to obtain (and sometimes unabtainable) variants or adds additional varient/vehicles to those unlockables.
    2) Adds additional "unlockables" that become available at certain levels and can be purchased under the vehicles section of the upgrades screen which adds vehicles to the garage.
    It does this because under normal circumstances you can only add 64 vehicles to your garage (this includes those added to your heliport, airport and dock). However the vehicles added via "unlockables" (either as quest rewards or purchasable upgrades) do not count towards this total of 64 allowing you to have more cars in the garage than you otherwise would normally be able to.
    This mod DOES NOT increase the amount of vehicles you can manually add to the garage, his remains locked at 64 total.
    This mod DOES NOT add any vehicles that were not already in the game files (though it does provide access to certain vehicles that are otherwise unobtainable through normal gameplay).

    Copy the three game files (hud_us.le_strings, respect_levels.xtbl, unlockables.xtbl) into your games main folder, which by default is C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Saints Row the Third though will be different if you change the install directory of your games when installing them.

    Any mod that makes changes to any of the three files will be incompatible with this mod - depending on the nature of the mod a "fused" version of the files may enable them to be used together but will require either knowledge of modding these files to manually fuse them or a tool that will do so automatically (which I know certain other games have such tools available but am unsure if Saints Row the Third does or not).

    Version 0.1
    Initial release: This has been tested in single player by myself only and in co-op with my old man - which means there has been nowhere near enough testing done to confirm this mod is without issues. Until I have received more feedback from other users I will not be moving this to the completed mods - so please leave me your feedback if you think it should be moved to complete.

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  2. This mod works fine for me. Very neat with no real issues so far. Even if an issue arises a "mod patch tester"(wherever they all went) will probably let you know, so don't hesitate to release an unpolished mod (it's somewhat free anyhow). I would suggest adding some images, it would figuratively add a thousand more words.

    You play Saints Row with your dad? That sounds pretty cool!
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