Over-The-Shoulder Camera (SR:TT Style)

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  1. Over-The-Shoulder Camera (OTSC) intends to give you a SR:TT Style experience when it comes to the camera. If you're like me and have gotten used to the camera style of SRTT and SRIV, then this is for you!

    Feedback would be appreciated!

    More detailed explanation
    This is a modification of the file Camera_Free.xtbl that replaces the old values with values taken directly from Saints Row: The Third. I may have missed one or two values, so there may be small updates in the future.

    Update: I have uploaded an alternate version that Increases the Field of View. I haven't had the time to test it, so there may be bugs. But for now, enjoy! Installation is the same for both versions.

    A. GOTR version (Recommended)
    • Simply place the included Camera_Free.xtbl into Gentlemen_of_the_Row_Saints_Row_2_Super_Mod_v1.9.1\optional_mod_stuff\1-MODDERS_-_PUT_YOUR_OWN_PERSONAL_MODS_HERE.
    • Run the Create_Custom_GotR_v1.9.1.bat file and create your custom patch (WARNING: DO NOT SELECT ANY CAMERA MODS!)
    • Copy the files from the MY_CUSTOM_PATCH folder to your SR2 installation folder.
    • Profit.
    B. Non-GOTR version (Not Recommended)
    • Use Minimaul's tools to extract and build your own patch.
    • Profit.
    • I should probably give you more instructions then that, but I'm afraid I don't have the time right now. Maybe later?
    Disclaimer: This is completely unrelated to Kyle's SRTT Style Camera mod.


    1. Parachuting camera causes player character to disappear (only while parachuting), working on a fix.

    IdolNinja: For being the Jebus of the SR modding community, and for the camera_free.xtbl file I edited from his extended vertical aiming mod.
    The crew behind GOTR: For creating the awesome compilation that makes SR2 even more of a blast!
    Minimaul: For the sacred tools that thou hast bestowed upon thy loyal minions. We are forever grateful!
    Volition: For creating Saints Row.

    Please report any problems you find!

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  2. Does this already include the 'Increase FOV' modifications included in the camera mods of GotR?
  3. I don't think so. I'm not sure, but it seems to me that my mod and the Increased FOV mod cannot be made compatible, given that they change the same values. Or do they? I'll look into it. I currently have SR2 uninstalled, so it might take some time. But for now, as stated in the OP, don't select any optional camera mods in GotR.

    Edit: Okay, after comparing my mod and Increased FOV, I think it would be possible to increase the base_fov values in my mod's camera_free.xtbl to match the values in the Increased FOV camera_free.xtbl. However, being that this mod is about being as close to the SR:TT camera as possible, I'm afraid I won't be changing the main mod. However, I can upload an edited version for your enjoyment :).
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  4. Thanks. Please do. I would appreciate that.

    EDIT: Just noticed that it is already attached in the original post. Thanks again.
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