SPOILERS Online service for merging mods files SRTT / SRIV / SRGooH

I have a suggestion for a mod service hosted here on saintsrowmods.com.

My idea is for an online service which to merge mod files for Saints Row the Third, Saints Row IV and Saints Row Gat Out of Hell uploaded by users. For example, someone downloaded a 2-3 mods from here for Saints Row IV. Then mod's archives do can be uploaded on that cloud merger service, that upon uploading to extract archives and compare all mod's files. Here is most usefulness: if that service detects that both 2 or more mods are using specific .str2_pc, .lua or .xtbl files with same filename, but are having different edits, then this cloud service do automatically (fast and easy!) merge these conflicting files, and then the guest or user do can download back the uploaded mods, but with correctly merged files. That way, instead users do have to manually edit the files to merge/combine 2 or more mods sharing the same str2.pc, .xtbl or .lua files (since less technical understanding people may not do this properly), they do can just use this cloud merge service to get merged mods ready out of box, ready for install!

What you would say about this?
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Sorry for the late reply...

Now in my mind came an another variant: if owners of this site cannot for some reason afford a paying for such additional service or hosting, then to someone here do make offline tool which can be used instead, as it do can be just posted here and can be downloaded like other Saints Row tools published here, like Corrodias' Saints Row Third save editor.