Oleg's Birthday Suit

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  1. Description
    We all know that the first time we meet Oleg, the guy is naked. And not ashamed of it either. Yet after this (pretty cool) scene, he puts on cloths and wears them always. This mod adds our naked buddy back to the game.

    - Adds a second contact for Oleg to the phone: Oleg - Naked. Calling him will do the same thing as calling Oleg, except he will be nude.

    - The mod uses the model for the naked Oleg from the mission A Belgian Problem, so he comes with his crotch blurred. This means that even if you disabled the mosaic blur, you won't be looking at some dudes stuff. Nice and family friendly. Mostly.

    How to install?
    Copy the Homies.xtbl and hud_us.le_strings files to your SRTT root folder.
    (\Steam\SteamApps\common\saints row the third\)

    - I only included English localization.

    - If you use another mod that uses the hud_us.le_strings file this will cause problems. If you are using Shitface's Weapons Re-Balanced mod I included a compatible file (for version 2.9), just overwrite your excisting one. If you have another mod that uses this file you can leave the one included here out, but your naked Oleg won't have a name in the phone. To fix this open up Homies.xtbl and remove the _NUDE form

    - If you already have a Homies.xtbl file, you can make them combatible by opening your excisting file in notepath and adding the following code beneath the existing lines for Oleg:
    Code (Text):
    <Vehicle_Entry>            <Vehicle>truck_4dr_pickup07</Vehicle>
    <Weight>100</Weight>        <Vehicle_Variant>saints</Vehicle_Variant>
    <Human>    <Character>npc_Oleg_nude</Character>
    <Human>            <Character>npc_saint_female_soldier</Character>
    </Blocked_for_Mission>        <Display_Desc>HOMIES_OLEG_NUDE_DESC</Display_Desc>
    - Mostly Volition, as I just reused their stuff
    - Minimaul, for that neat tool that lets you edit strings.

    p.s. I'm assuming this is not really adult content, right? As it doesn't show any explicit stuff, and nothing that's not also shown in-game.

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  2. could you make a naughty version without that famous blur?
  3. Not sure why you would want to look at Oleg's deal, but who am I to judge? However, I fear that I can't do that. I'm no star with modeling, and am not even sure that it would be possible even if I was. I can't just remove the blur, because there would be nothing underneath it. I'm also pretty certain that the blur is actually part of the model, not just of the texture. So no, I cannot.

    (and honestly, even if I thought it was possible, I would still have to model a shlong, which I'm not 100% comfortable with :eek:)
  4. I respect but I don't understand (I'm on 4chan for so long that the only thing I ain't saw on it is my own face)

    well too bad ^^
  5. Arioh

    Arioh Modding patch tester

    sorry, for bringing up old topic, but blur is easily can be removed. Sadly i forgot waht changes needed to be done, but it possible. Here the proof:
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