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OldSchoolSaints Mod

Discussion in 'Mods in Progress' started by Janson, Nov 19, 2017.

  1. Info:
    I have come to think that all my knowledge of Saints Row could be used to make a bunch of mods and release them as they are made and configured. Starting with xtbl's and animx's I will contribute to the community by releasing a unique Saints Row 2 experience.
    -Added a few clothes to Bling Bling to make it's purpose a little greater.
    -Changed clothes you start with in Jailbreak
    -All the default taunts (so you can use smack that ass) and my own compliments
    -Police own all neighborhoods (will change in the future) You have to start a new game for this to work
    -Replaced weapon animations with ones from Sr1 (the mcmanus and gieger counter use the old anims, theyre recycled)
    Install Directions:
    put all files in "Saints Row 2\optional_mod_stuff\1-MODDERS_
    except for preload_anim.tbl put that in "\Saints Row 2\optional_mod_stuff" and overwrite the current file
    v0.1 - Initial Release
    v0.2 - Fixed animations, added lots of compliments.
    v0.3 - New Main Menu and Minimalistic HUD (can't do sr1 hud because of no console
    modding and different file structure.)
    v0.4 - Tattoos, Fixes, Loading

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  2. big update in the works. might bring it up to standard. also a new video showcasing the animations (i will fix them in this update)
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  3. another breakthrough addition.
    "Found it leftover in anims.vpp_pc so i added it to gml1.xtbl and put it in preload_anim.tbl" Yeah i've been looking for this for around 3 years now...
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  4. I've had friends who I LAN play with crash while using this mod on lower end hardware. The only crashes i've seen are related to the preload_anim.tbl which you need or else the sprinting animation and new compliments wont work. in preload anim makes sure there's:
    sign c and d crash the game sadly so we cant get that classic dance animation or the jerk off anim lol
    also for reference, in the files theres like 4 types of .anim files. .anim , .animx , .anim_pc , .anim_xbox2
    im guessing .animx just means x = pc or xbox2 and converts it. anim is the raw file?
  5. update! sign_c and sign_d dont crash the game anymore! i just went over the limit by having a b c and d all in at once.
  6. If I just want to use the Saints Row animation pieces of this pack, what files do I use? I'm not very experienced, and your pack looks amazing but I'm afraid of compatibility issues so I don't want to use the whole thing.
  7. Glad youre interested! This mod is actually compatible with mostly every mod but the anim files would be. GMl1.xtbl. Thats it. But you need to overwrite your preload_anim.tbl for it to work. I believe this is an earlier version of the animations i have worked on but it should still be good. Ill update this asap.
  8. Im gonna get back to work on this mod.
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  9. Updated finally lol.