Nuke Plant Reactor Core Access after Saints Takeover

Discussion in 'Mod Requests' started by tonyb42, Sep 12, 2019.

  1. Hello All. Is it possible to create a mod where after the Saint's takeover of the Decker's HQ and conversion to the new Nuke Plant, one can still access the Nuke Plant Reactor Core? And once inside, have access to the crib menu (wardrobe, weapons, gang customization, etc.) So in essence the reactor core becomes another crib or sub-crib with access to the Nuke Plant Crib menu.

    I'm trying to create a kind of "Batman" mod where the Nuke Plant would be a "Wayne Manor" type location, with the "Batcave" being the reactor core beneath. I'm not sure if this venture involves creating nav points and elevator access (shout out to Quantum), but if so I fall into the category of "totally inept" in that arena and am not an advanced modder of any type. I'm also aware that you can teleport to these locations via Sandbox, but I was thinking of it being part of the makeup of the game (much like using an elevator or secret door to go to a helipad or garage) in free-roam. Please let me know if this has already been thought of, done, or scrapped as an idea:D.
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    There would have to be two parts to this:
    1. I briefly looked into this in the past, and it would be possible to have a "secret door" which would really just be a teleport location near the front doors to the Nuke Plant which could teleport you in and out. Unfortunately, I couldn't find a way to actually remove the door and make it enterable directly like I did with my Open Doors mod.
    2. I'm not sure if it's possible to make this into a crib with Saints Row III. I know Fan of Saints did it with his Crib Mod for Saints Row IV, but Saints Row IV has "gateways" instead of cribs, and those gateway functions are available for modders to use. Saints Row III doesn't have gateways, the real cribs are much harder to mod.
    I do like your idea, though. I especially think the Nuke Plant is a cool place to be able to revisit more easily. Although I am eternally grateful for the amazing work IdolNinja did for Sandbox+, I can never remember the teleport key sequences and I always misplace my "cheat sheet". A more natural way of going in and out would be good.
  3. Hey thanks Quantum for responding to my post. I had always wondered myself why the reactor core was not utilized more in free-roam mods or even as part of the in-game progression, after the Saint's takeover. Luckily we do have the Sandbox mods and I guess that will have to suffice until something comes along (maybe) to make everything in SRTT more accessible. Great job by the way to you and the other staff members who run this website. Keep up the good work.
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