NPC Spawn Mod (Actual Free Roam Spawning)

This literally took me way longer than it should have. 12hours literally. I tried every way possible to make spawnable npc's, without having to make a custom mission, etc. Anyways once i thought i was done, I was not, I had npcs spawning at a crib (considering you had to set there navpoint...ughh, well i looked and looked and looked for someway to teleport npcs to me. Nothing worked, until i remembered you could make npcs teleport to vehicles!

V0.2 has been released. Let me know who i am missing. This update is using a new fresh Sandbox + With only npc options. Let me know if any delete npc options dont work. Also only spawn a max of 3 npcs.
This update adds most story characters as spawnable friendly npcs. Let me know who i am missing from story mode. Also if you know the npcs or character names for all activities and such please let me know so i can add them as soon as possible. I am also not going to add every single npc in the game as spawnable as i had planned, theres just way too many, I however will nit pick and choose some that i think people will like, however if you have a request for a specific npc, let me know there name or what they look like.

Anyways here you a sneak peak!


  • SR2 NPC SPAWN MOD v0.2.rar
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@nclok1405 I hope you dont mind, i used your sandbox ++ as a testing playground for this mod.
Anyways everybody the preview example version has been released, to study from and or to see how this was done. I will eventually sometime have a all npc spawn mod.

Also this mod allows the actual zombie npc to be spawnable, however even if animations are preloaded and or set as a asset in a .cts file, the zombie when trying to sprint/run will do a t pose, so i gave every zombie npc the knife, that way when you have them recruited and have a weapon equipped they run like a normal npc, and sometimes walk like a zombie.

- The doll and Gurney were a test, and are very glitchy!
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v0.2 released, let me know who i am missing from main story line (random npcs do not count towards this, they must be specific to the story line)
v0.2 is the story character test. I know i might be missing a few, i need to know who they are, i also know i am missing the activity npcs, i also need to know who they are.
How do you install it i have Gentlemen of The Row but its not working please help anyone?
you have to put it in the modder put files here folder and build GoTR. I use the raw version of GoTR so when you are installing press v or p whichever it is to build GoTR without custom options so in other words don’t go through the installer and add random mods just build the raw version. If that doesn’t work then idk, I use GoTR and it works on my side using build GoTR with no mods selected just the improvement stuff
I do not own sr3 or 4 for pc. I wont eb doing it no. Is it possible, I have no idea I have never messed with those games files.
SR3, SR4, and SRGOH is very similar to SR2. I would say modding knowledge for SR2 is a good foundation for the later titles. You may find some files moved around, but mostly unchanged. Because the later games don't feature the same amount of depth and variety you would also find lots of unused files and content left over. These games tend to go on Steam sale for $4.25 CAD. They are well optimized.
I know its a bit late but can you add rival gang npcs and unique npcs like gyros , mimes , pirates , freckle bitch driver and the underwater diver npc??? Or can u show me how to do it????
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