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  1. Hello. Looking for some re-texturing advice. I've been playing around with NPC Matt Miller's simulation costume with varying success. Decided to make a Superman variation out of it, and as long as I make the semi-gloss tga file (cf_semigloss_sb.tga) transparent or black he comes out like this:
    However, the semi-gloss file also controls the color of the cape, so even-though I re-colored the cape tga file red, it still appears like this:
    Does anyone now of a way to make his cape red without the use of the semi-gloss file? I have played around with the semi-gloss file before making it transparent, but since Matt's suit is supposed to be silver and shiny, any increase in contrast and brightness causes the "super" colors and logo to disappear. I'm using Paint.Net. If no one has any suggestions, this is good enough, but I'm kind of OCD about things like this:D.
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    In this particular case, the sphere map is used to give the satin look, so it barely alters the cape color. Theres a diffuse texture for the cape, so coloring that should solve it.

    Btw, npcs have two sets of texture (low and high res) Are you coloring both or only one?
  3. I generally color both sets, and view my progress using the SR3 Mesh Viewer on the low res one. If your saying color the d.tga file, I have. It should be red, but any alteration to the semigloss file changes the color of the cape. The only time I get the cape to stay red is by either leaving the semigloss file alone or by changing the brightness or contrast of it. However, when I do that, any re-texturing I add fades from view, replaced by Matt's original shiny white colors.

    Also, have you had any success with the SR4 Mesh Viewer, when it comes to semigloss file textures? When I view Matt's Simulation Suit I see this:
    millersim Mesh View.jpg
    Every part of the suit that utilizes the semigloss feature (cape, armor, etc.) will not show. I tried following the SR4 instructions, using the TextureMap.yaml, but it's not working for me. I end up having to go into the game, looking at the model for changes, jumping out and tweaking the colors around, then jumping back in the game, rinse and repeat:eek:. Anyone, have an easier method?
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    BeautiDuwanger Snow White

    Hmmmm i ve never used the mesh viewer before... but ive never had this kind of problem with npcs textures before.
  5. Do you think it might have something to do with the fact that he's a saints NPC, and they always have to maintain the purple color somewhere? Maybe I have to change something in the color palette files perhaps, or does that have nothing to do with it?
  6. When I retextured the weapon textures for my woodstock weapon mod I extracted the weapons and converted them into fbx format so I could see the result of retexturing in my
    3d editor but I havent had to deal with shaderball and stuff so don't know if this works in your case.
  7. I would have no idea either. I've never tried to re-texture a weapon, nor do I have 3d editing software, but thanks for the response; I may give it a shot.
  8. Blender is a free 3d editor.To extract the npc's you would need the max plugin
    and 3dsmax but I can send you the extracted fbx version of your npc so no need to get

    So here you are the fbx files.Just delete the fake extensions so that you have xxxx.fbx and load it into blender and have fun....:)

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  9. Thank you. I have tried Blender before when I used the SR4 Mesh Viewer to export a mask over to it as a Wavefront OBJ file. Frankly, Blender was overwhelming for me and I gave up on trying to use it. Tinkercad is a bit more my speed.
  10. Yeah,I know what you mean.I use blender for some games to mod scenes but
    for some tasks I use poser pro because it's easier to handle.
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