NPC behaviour and spawn mod

Hi. Does anyone besides me have problems with the Fetish Pony Carriage of Zimos that this Mod adds in Free Roam? In my case the 3 characters that can use it ... I mean ... one driving and the other two seated, the three characters acquire Pose T.

Any advice?
if i don't want the Notoriety, shall i remove the files notoriety.xtbl, notoriety_levels.xtbl, & notoriety_spawn.xtbl?
the thing that get on my nerve is the police buffs, i really enjoy tossing police around and make them shield.
The gangs don't spawn to much I have the game completed and I only see 1 person from a gang for 1 minute and wait 10 more minutes to see other guy
Through the power of winmerge, I've added a line of code to this mod from miku hatsune's a 'new enemy in town' mod that allows gang customization homies to spawn in the crib dancing. It's nothing major but I thought this was too good not to share, so I hope nobody minds, everything else is still shitface's work ofc.


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Great mod. Except those grenade launcher cops being a real pain in the ass, until I nerfed the nade launcher to fire Luchadore grenades. Got tired of getting randomly blown up in a car, while casually driving around with 1 wanted level, and just happened to pass by a cop armed with one. Now they do some damage if they hit, but no longer insta-death out of nowhere. :p
Perfect mod greatly changed npc behavior and improved ai. The author changed lockdown's driver to swat and the co-pilot plus swat was even more perfect.