NPC and Homie Teams

Discussion in 'Get Help/Troubleshooting' started by tonyb42, May 30, 2019.

  1. Hello. Is it possible for someone to provide some step-by-step guidance on how to change the teams for NPC's and Homies. Looking around and at the different bits and pieces of information scattered around this website I have not been able to successfully accomplish this. If this is possible, I am simply trying to change some of the Saints Homies to the police team, or if that is not possible, place police npcs on the Saints Team. As instructed by the "Modding Basics" thread made by IdolNinja, I have dragged my vanilla .vpp_pc file on to Gibbed.SaintsRow3.UnpackVPP.exe, found my misc_tables file and believe that changes of this kind are supposed to be made in the characters.xtbl (as referenced in other posts). This is where I am running into the problem: I don't know what needs to be changed:eek:. I am using Notepad++ as my text editor so I can see whats inside, but I do not know what needs to be swapped or changed. And everything I have tweaked (as a guess) crashes the game after the game tries to launch after the title screen. I also read that I have to copy my characters.xtbl file from my misc-tables folder, place it in the SRTT install folder, and then make my changes. Is that still the case, with pre-installed mods already in the install folder or does the install folder need to be clear of mods? If a staff member or someone else with knowledge of this sort could please respond (with a brief tutorial with examples or where to look elsewhere for guidance) it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance for the consideration and for tolerating me;).
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