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What shall this mod be named?

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  3. Ryan_saint_2's SUPER MOD

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  5. SAINTS ROW 2.5

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  7. Novam spem

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  1. i cant seem to get this mod working, even with all the steps. Is it just me or something else
    First i put the mods in i want, then build a patch, then place preload_anim, then i boot the game and nothing happens
    any help at all would be appreciate.
    Thanks :)
  2. hello how to custom gat's outfit, shaundi's outfit etc... pls
  3. which of these mods are you using?
    place the mods from nova spe into the 1-MODDERS_-_PUT_YOUR_OWN_PERSONAL_MODS_HERE then rebuild your patch. if you want to make your own download this tool
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  4. thx man but last question can u give me a tutorial ^^ for sr2 plssss
  5. Is there a problem using this without finishing the story? And is there a way to only add the rogue saints and the new gangs?
  6. No it'll still work no matter where in the story you are, I tested it so many times and for the gangs just put the files in the new gangs folder from the MODDERS folder.
  7. Need some help. I cannot for the life of me get the dual knives to work. When I attack nothing happens and I just stand there like an idiot. What am I doing wrong here? The other new weapons show up fine, but those knives while there do nothing when I try to attack?

    Aside from that this package is awesome!

    P.S. Since my initial post isn't great for troubleshooting. I have the preload_anim.tbl located in the optional_mod_stuff folder as specified. The only mod I am running Gentleman of The Row along side NOVA SPE.

    I am new to SR2 modding, so it could be a dumb newbie oversight on my part.
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  8. Ok i have an announcement to make. if any other sr2 modders would like to make any more mods using this one as a base or would like to release their own versions of nova spe go ahead because i doubt ill be making any more versions in the future. you dont need any permission and you dont need to credit me but i mean i wont try to stop you from giving me credit. i shouldn't need to say this but just incase i do, this only goes for my work. this IS NOT the case for any other modder's works or any other sr2 mods. all the mods in nova spe are my own or idolninja's gotr files (who himself is ok with others using his work.) so you wont need to worry about that. fun fact: most newer versions of nova spe inclue a folder called z-stuff for modders. which include partially finished mods and tutorials so check that out.

    this day 10 years ago saints row 2 was released and its still at least partially alive. thank you to all who still play it and to those who use this mod. remember, if your character is in a t pose position or the animations mod isnt working you probably forgot to place preload_anim.tbl in the " \optional_mod_stuff " folder.
    im gonna release a little mod soon then thats it. thanks and good bye.

    it's not you They don't work. they never did.
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  9. maybe it's just for me but when i installed the mod the walk animations for the melee, pistol, and grenade are replaced with female animations, perhaps I installed it incorrectly or...?
  10. Yeah that was a side effect of the sr1 animations, the melee walk animations from sr1 are re-used for the female main character so thats why that happens.
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