Notoriety Error Fix & Logic Improvement

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  1. Hello everyone!

    This mod is a remake of the Notoriety Error Fix mod for the original game which you can find at the link below. This new version was designed for the Remastered version.

    If you're not familiar with the mod, it mainly aims to iron out some of the bugs present concerning notoriety as well as tweak some things which seemed illogical while still maintaining the feel and flow of the original game, like Volition would've intended it.
    I can safely recommend this mod to first time players.

    This version comes with a few other changes and also removes the files related to roadblocks since for some reason they don't work in the remastered game and using those files made the game start to stutter and eventually crash during notoriety.

    What does this mod do?
    I like to devide this mod into three parts: First of all some actual bug fixes which were still present in the game files related to the notoriety, second we've got some changes made with inspiration from Saints Row 2 and last but not least a few more changes on things which I simply found illogical.

    Which fixes are included in this mod?
    1. Police officers always seem to use the Caucasian or Hispanic voice no matter which race they are. This mod aims to improve this by enabling Afro-American and Asian officers to use their own voice sets which originally weren't used by regular cops. This applies to any cop spawned during notoriety.

    2. SWAT Lockdowns are supposed to spawn at 3 shields while on foot, but due to the specialists cap being set to 0, they never show up. I've increased the cap, so now you have a chance of encountering these units at 3 police shields as well, although they will only carry two guys with riot shields on this level, with this increasing to 4 guys at 4 shields as usual.

    3. Police cars at 4 shields or at 3 shields with STAG active have 3 cops inside, because they don't have their passengers set individually, but instead use a 'default' tag. Since max passenger is set to 3 they also spawn with this amount. I have now defined the driver and passenger so they now spawn with a pair of police officers instead.

    4. The SWAT attack chopper spawns with an SNG soldier inside instead of a SWAT officer, because they use the same pilot preset as the Vulture which shows up at 5 stars. A new entry has been added so it is now piloted by an actual SWAT officer.

    5. There is a typo in the files regarding the loadoats of the SNG soldiers, which causes them to mainly spawn with the Kobra pistol. This is because it is set twice, while instead the first entry is supposed to be the AR-55 assault rifle. This has been fixed.

    6. SWAT APCs which spawn are fully black or even orange, although this wasn't intended. In the files this vehicle it's variant is set as 'police', however when viewing the variants of this vehicle, no such name exist. The correct name of the law enforcement variant is 'SWAT', so I've changed this and now the actual SWAT APC spawns instead of the black one.

    What changes did you make with Saints Row 2 in mind?
    1. Police motorcycles no longer spawn at 4 & 5 shields, just like in SR2. In the vanilla game, while on a motorcycle, these would keep spawning and even replaced the SNG vehicles at 5 shields, which didn't really make much sence, so I've changed this.

    2. The police Sharks now stop spawning at 4 & 5 shields just like in SR2, instead having only the Commander boats coming after you at these levels. At 3 shields each jetski will be occupied by 2 cops instead of just one. (originally this only happened at 4 shields and up, so I wanted to keep this in in some way.)

    3. The Commander boat has been removed from 2 shields, similar to how in SR2 the Miami police boat would only spawn at 3 stars and up. Besides, having a rocket firing boat spawn already at 2 shields was a bit much, imo.

    NOTE: In order to maintain a similar level off difficulty, the amount of jetskis showing up at 2 shields has been increased a bit and their spawn cap has been increased to 2, to compensate for the removal of the Commander boats. The spawn rate of the Commander boats has also been increased a bit at level 4 & 5 since the Jetskis no longer spawn.

    Which edits did you make other then the ones mentioned above?
    1. The SWAT Lockdown vans were originally driven by a single regular cop, which isn't really logical since it is a SWAT vehicle. Now it will be driven by a SWAT officer instead. Also, similar to STAG riot vehicles, the SWAT van now also spawns with two guys in front instead of just one. To balance things out, at 3 shields the SWAT officers only use shotguns or more rarely a pistol, with the AR55 being reserved for 4 shields.

    2. The snipers sitting aboard police helicopters are no longer regular cops, but instead are SWAT officers. This is purely a cosmetic change. SWAT snipers were already in the original game, but they only spawned inside of the police boats for some reason. The pilot also is a SWAT officer now and will use a shotgun or sometimes a pistol when forced out of the helicopter.

    3. SWAT officers had a very small chance to spawn with a rocket launcher. I removed this military grade weapon from their arsenal.

    4. The police Commander boats had a high amount of chance to spawn with regular cops and a smaller amount of chance to spawn with SWAT snipers inside. I've changed these spawns to always use regular SWAT officers. At 3 shields each Commander carries two SWAT officers armed with shotguns or more rarely pistols, while at 4 shields each boat carries 3 units armed with the regular SWAT loadoat.

    5. The SNG Bulldog has been removed from 4 shields, since it's a bit too soon to already have the friggin National Guard show up, especially considering it's perfectly possible to reach level 4 without encountering any SWAT units. In it's place, you can now expect to see the SWAT APC spawn, also packed with a high caliber turret and 3 tactical units in the back, so don't expect this level to be any easier then how it used to be.

    6. The SNG variant of the Commander boat will now spawn packed with 3 soldiers at 5 shields instead of the SWAT variant. This is purely a cosmetic change.

    7. The SWAT APC has been removed from 5 shields since it already spawns at 4 shields and has been replaced with the national guard variant, now coming fully loaded with national guardsmen, just like how they do in Sierra Point.

    8. While STAG is active, only police Sharks spawn while you're in the water, since the STAG Commander spawn set doesn't work. I also couldn't get it to work sadly, so instead I enabled the SWAT/SNG commanders to continue spawning while STAG is active.

    SWAT Snipers

    SWAT at 3 shields

    SWAT APCs at 4 shields

    SNG APCs at 5 shields

    SNG boats at 5 shields

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  2. Thanks, glad you like it!
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  3. Is there a way to lower health for certain vehicles? The big SWAT vehicle is a absolute tank when driving in it. You can literally stand still for 5 minutes with 5 stars shooting everything in sight and not take any damage.
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  4. thank you
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  5. Updated the RAR file, there were two issues with the mod causing cops at 4 shields to spawn with 4 guys per car, instead of the intended two. Another issue was also fixed causing to many passenger to spawn in SWAT vans at 3 shields.

    Yes there is, I've edited it before, though I don't know on top of my head which file it was. Out of curiosity, which difficulty are you playing on?

    You're very welcome
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  6. thanks for the mod
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  7. You're welcome!
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  8. Thanks I love when details like these are fixed
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  9. Alright, released a new update for the mod. Included in this update:
    - Afro-American and Asian police officers will now use their own voice lines, instead of sharing the Caucasian and Hispanic voice sets. Applies to any cop spawned during notoriety.
    - I forgot to have the SWAT Lockdowns spawn with two SWAT officers instead of a single regular cop while STAG was active. This has been fixed, so the Lockdowns will always spawn with 2 SWATs, regardless of STAG presence.
    - Due to the removal of the Commander boats at 2 shields and the Sharks at 4 & 5 shields the total amount of boats coming after you was quite a bit lower compared to the original game. This was an unintentional side effect, as this mod aims to keep as close to the original games feeling and difficulty as possible. Therefore I made a slight increase in the amount of Sharks at 2 shields to compensate for the removal of the Commander boats. The same has been done for the Commanders at 4 & 5 shields, to compensate for the removal of the Sharks (I counted one more Commander boat per minute for each pair off Sharks per minute that got removed as to not get too crazy.)

    You're very welcome, glad you like it!
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