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There actually used to be Talk Like a Pirate Day back in this forum's glory days, pirates directly admitting to having downloaded a game from Skidrow or torrents were so common that they became our inside joke at some point. Piracy is one thing, but when one asks for help with mods on a forum where it's clearly forbidden by the rules and doesn't even care enough to lie, they surely lack some basic self-preservation. It was particularly burdensome because most of these pirate versions were outdated, hence it was a waste of time to make any troubleshooting attempts.

Also, do I really have to explain why pirating a game which dozens of people put effort into is a bad thing?
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I'm sorry. I guess I'm not understanding who these "pirate" posts are applying to. Are you addressing me in these posts or the person who posted the statement about something being "toxic"?


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Don't you see he was quoting Fan of Saints message not your?
The author's mod has a small defect, that is, the SNG and the APC of swat that are brushed out when there are four shields or five shields. They only have two people. Normally, the number of people transported in APC should be 4~6, and the refresh frequency is a bit slow. Lockdown's co-pilot didn't add swat, and some sng soldiers were armed with Miniature submachine gun, I hope the author can see my suggestion to improve mod a little.