Notoriety and Homies Tweak

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    This mod is based on Notoriety Error Fix V2. And most of the changes of Notoriety Error Fix V2, have been keep in this mod.

    What this mod do:

    Change those in black unmarked police cars from the cops in uniform to some plainclothesmen.

    The black unmarked police car will not patrol the streets when not wanted as Notoriety Error Fix V2 changed.

    Unlike Notoriety Error Fix V2, change the driver of the SWAT vans to actually a SWAT officer. Not only the look, behavior and voice, also health and weapon.

    SWAT will not use other APCs but SWAT APCs.

    Police Sniper now look like SWAT Sniper but general cop .

    Police on watercraft now look like SWAT and use TEK Z-10.

    SNG APCs will show up at level 5.

    SNG Tornado, SNG Vulture and SNG Armed Eagle now have chance to show up at level 5.

    SNG Commander will show up at level 5, and they have 50% chance that there is sniper in it.

    No SNG will use pistol, and more of them will use AR-55.

    There is a small chance that SNG will show up with M2 Grenade Launcher.

    Morningstar and Decker APCs will show up at level 5.

    Morningstar Vulture will show up at level 5.

    STAG Sniper will use Togo-13.

    SWAT riot and SNG riot will use TEK Z-10.

    STAG riot will use D4TH Blossom.

    All the specialists, SWAT, SNG and STAG resist grab.

    Also, I changed something about homies in this mod.

    SWAT Team will have correct Health points, become team of six, and show up in SWAT APC.

    Blocked some homies from specific missions. Now they will show up reasonable, no longer call you when you are next to them.
    (To those have Unlockable Pack, homies - except Zombie Gat - also will not callable before you play through the mission to unlock them)

    All the homies except brutes, normal gang members and DLCs homies resist grab.

    Shaundi will use K-8 Krukov, just like the cut screens in game.

    Zimos will use Bling Shotgun and show up in boogiebus Anchor which in mission Pimps Up Hos Down cut screen.

    Josh will use 45 Shepherd and show up in Temptress.

    Tammy Tolliver will use 45 Shepherd and show up in Channel 6 Anchor.

    CheapyD will use TEK Z-10 and show up in Saints Bootlegger.

    Saints Backup will become team of three and show up in saints N-Forcer.

    Heli will bring a saints Tornado.

    Tank will bring a saints Crusader.

    Angel will show up in Saints Neuron which he drives in mission Three Way.

    Zombie Gat will show up in Saints Reaper.

    Jenny will show up in Saints Cosmos.

    *uploaded v2: just make homie SWAT Team drive unmarked Bear.

    There is my other mod: Earn Your DLCs Stuffs and Reward Tweak

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  2. I have some worries that this mod will not correctly work for people who don't own some DLCs. You made some homies drive to the player in DLC vehicles - that might be the problem.
  3. It should not, because I made a file for those do not have those DLCs. But I should make this more clear.
    Thank you for reminding!
  4. Fan of Saints

    Fan of Saints Modding patch tester

    Looks nice, but I discovered that the DLCs vehicles appear for those non-DLC players (at least if my memory is good, I tested it something about half year ago at my mate) if you'll add them to the traffic or give them homies. Yeah, you can't add them to garage, but still you can drive them around the town...
  5. That's good news for those non-DLC players, right?
  6. [V] IdolNinja

    [V] IdolNinja Volition Staff

    No, it's bad news for you since it goes against our forum rules. Removing attachment. Please remove all DLC vehicles from your mod if you would like this release hosted here.
  7. I see. I have uploaded a non-DLC vehicles version. Sorry for trouble you.
  8. Will the dlc vehicles show up with homies in them if you do have the dlcs? or only the non-dlc vehicles which it was changed to?
  9. Fan of Saints

    Fan of Saints Modding patch tester

    DLC vehicles show up no matter if you own the DLC or not and that's forbidden on this forum.
  10. no what i mean is when I use this mod will it use non-dlc vehicles to do things instead of the dlc vehicles even though I have the dlcs? And if so, how would I be able to modify it (for myself, of course) so that the dlc vehicles are used?
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