Visuals & Graphics Normal maps support?

Does the game support normal maps? Only wondering if it does since some games released years before has it [though with different engine].
Granted, didn't see any significant implementation of it here [which might just say it isn't supported].

Much thanks for considering this. Cheers.
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Wow that's news for me. If anything I had only worked with the RGB [the usual blue one], and there's this weird swap RGB [light-reddish one] but even then that's easily replaced by the former.

What do you think about it -- does it do anything to the game? And how does it work -- does the transparency achieved via alpha-channel?
Alright, sorry not to bump this thread but it seem I get a hang on it by a little bit.

So it looks like it support both normal maps and specular maps[?] as seen here --


Have to give shout-outs to Masamaru for his indispensable tool that without it and detailed documentations of the format I'd probably lost by now.

Was thinking that their normal maps looked literally half-transparent, however it seem just a regular RGB one -- guess that's a good start then, hahah.

Another question though -- do we have to enable the NM flag via the relevant model/mesh or it's all defined via PEG_DESC? -- let's say there's this one texture that doesn't have NM, then I added one with necessary changes to the PEG_DESC as well -- will it be working instantly in-game?

Edit: Oh, and to answer my own question --
...does it do anything to the game?
It does, hahah. Can see clearly on how they work with the muscle, and beard as well. Granted nothing that significant for stuffs like area and vehicles.
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