Non-Greasy Motorcycles

Are you tired of falling off of your motorcycle all the time, after hitting the slightest bump? Well, this mod is for you! Now it will be nearly twice as hard for your character to get knocked off! Simply copy the file to your Saints Row 3 folder, and enjoy!

Put it here:
C:/Program Files/Steam/Steamapps/common/saints row the third

Seeing as both mods use tweak_table.xtbl, this mod is also part of my weapons mod, which is quite possibly the greatest thing ever.


  • tweak_table.xtbl
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I think I understand how this mod works - somewhat, at least, but how could I edit the tweak table to make it where I would never fall off of my bike? I'm pretty sure all this mod is is a different setting on the force limit, but I just want to never fall off.
Locate ' motorcycle' on the tweak_table (only one entry that I could find). Bump the value up a few ticks. At around 2500 you can slam into a tank with a maxxed kanada and just sail over the thing. Eval Kineval time!

Props to Shitface for inspiring me to find this bit 'o code, and the rest of his sterling work.

Forgot to mention that if you get air and invert your ride, or come down on your side, you will eat pavement. Still working on that =)
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