No vehicle Flip/ Vehicle turrets

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by tonyb42, Sep 28, 2019.

  1. Hello all. Does anyone know if there is a way to keep your vehicle from flipping over, outside using Sandbox, like something we would change in the vehicle's xtbl file?

    And kind of along the same lines, any new discoveries on how to add turrets (or at least the animation) to non-turret vehicles (also a xtbl file question)?
  2. There are about 9 code lines to change to get cars not to flip on their tops. could add some lines to the Vehicle_Type entry to try and control your vehicle against roll-overs....
    This is from my personal Bootlegger xtbl.

    <Flag>Has Security Alarm</Flag>
    <Flag>Has Beater Backfire</Flag>

    Where <Air_control> starts and ends </Air_control> the higher those numbers, the faster you turn/move on the axis. I made a Hammerhead just for stunts, I could do a spiral turn before landing. Numbers under Air_Control are timing vs velocity. Higher means faster.

    As far as Turret should elaborate. You can't add a turret without tools that aren't available for this game.
  3. I believe he wants the "has turret" switch flipped for all cars, so all cars can fire, at least script-wise: we can't edit the models;
  4. There would have to be a weapon table entry for any that are able. Which means inventory list, 3d objects tables entries as well. o_O
  5. !?
    So there's no difference, in the code, from a civilian Bulldog to a military Bulldog?
  6. Bulldog and Bulldog with turret are two different vehicles, each with a xtbl of their own. Turret is also a weapon, which means it needs to be listed in 3d_objects, weapons, and likely inventory xtbls. They both use the same Rigs, however, I know not if they use separate models.

    If you have DLCs, you will notice the criminal also has a weapon (Brute Gat missions, bee gun, etc). That Criminal has its own veh.xtbl, is listed in DLC 3d_objects, etc. So, making any other vehicle use a turret would be glitchey at best, and possibly not even functional or could cause CTD on load.

    Hope that clears it up some. I'm no expert, but I have modded my game to my liking with relative success.
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  7. Alright! because of all Bulldogs being called "Bulldog", in the game, I thought that
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