No Overheat (Updated to Latest Game Version!)

There are alot of no gun overheat mods out there but they are outdated, so if you use them in your game, you will lose your gun upgrades upon loading your game save. I took the liberty of updating the overheat mod using the latest game version file so that you won't lose your gun upgrades :)

Removes overheat for all weapons (including vehicle weapons)

There are three versions, normal (first version), the other one is for people who uses Zinyak's mech mod (second version), last but not least is the version for people who uses the Expanded Arsenal mod!

Note: If you use the second version without Zinyak's mech mod, your normal mech's weapons will be replaced with Zinyak's mech weapons (It's really cool!!!).

Simply put weapons.xtbl into your saints row iv installation folder. If you don't know where it is:
1. Open steam
2. Go to your library of games
3. Right click saints row iv
4. Click on properties
5. Click on local files tab then click on browse local files. This should take you to the location of your saints row iv install :)

Download (You can only have one at a time):
Normal Version:weapons.xtbl <- click on this link to download!
Zinyak's mech mod version: weapons.xtbl <- click on this link to download!
Expanded Arsenal Version: weapons.xtbl <- click on this link to download!


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Expanded Arsenal Version?


Okay and Thanks :)


Crashes :(
It shouldn't crash, because I downloaded the lastest version of expanded arsenal mod and All I did was turn all cooldown to zero. Unless you are using pirated version of the game, the mod should work. Otherwise, maybe the weapons in the expanded arsenal mod were not meant to have no overheat


Yes, I have Steam Version


Okay, I'll try reinstall Saints Row IV Later
Hope it works
and your mod is good

Fan of Saints

Modding patch tester
Simple but nice. :)
Just pack your files in one archive, it'll be much smarter.