No more hostile homies

Are you always bothered by fact in Saints Row The Third, homies (both street and ones from phone) becomes hostile too easy? Don't like the fact hitting them (even by mistake during battles) with only 1-2 shots, or even with one splash explosion only, is more than enough for them do suddenly attack and abandon you? Can't afford calling brute homies for help, like Oleg or DLC Space Brutina, because of fear they can FATAL INSTANT-DEATH punch against you upon getting hostile? If so, then this mod is for you! Now you can use in peace all possible weapons in game during battles and freeroam, including weapons with incendiary bullets like TEK-Z10 SMG and Grave Digger Shotgun, and explosive weapons like Annihilator, Reaper Drone, SA-3 Airstrike and Mollusk Launcher DLC weapon, that when used can suddenly hit homies with a splash explosion, and no longer worrying about recruited homies can sudden abandoning / attacking you for hitting them by mistake!

I used IdolNinja's "BuddyOleg" mod here which I slightly modified. First, his mod has changed Player_friendly_fire_threshold value from 150 to 900, and I changed said value to 950 Millions (950000000). Second, I found the previous line Player_friendly_fire_expire_time states the duration of time homies are hostile in seconds, and I changed it to 1 (6 seconds is being the original value).

I has checked it in-game, and it works wonderfully! I tried it with calling Angel from homie contacts (the one who carries AR-55) and I tried shooting him continuously with D4TH Blossom SMG and several grenades from K-8 Krukov Level 4 Grenade Launcher (I did like least 10,000 - 15,000 HP damage and he DID NOT BECAME HOSTILE AT ALL, and he wasn't abandoning me! Success!

Install: Extract tweak_table.xtbl to Saints Row The Third's root folder (I only own the original Saints Row The Third version, so I don't know about Saints Row The Third Remastered).

Update: I don't know why, but I found this hitting a homie with the Electric Grenade makes them instantly hostile no matter what threshold is used, and I have no idea how to disable that annoying issue. My mod works with all normal weapons and every thrown weapon (Molotov Cocktails, Flashbangs, normal Grenades) EXCEPT Electric Grenades! These will still result recruited / called homies become instantly hostile and leaves you upon (even accidental!) being hit with one of these. So, just avoid using Electric Grenades in all costs, especially if having a Brute Homie, like Oleg recruited.


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with this mod install , now i can enjoy party time without worrier about mistake hitting my homies. i try shoot or rocket with NORMAL homies , they didn't say anything . shoot or rocket with homies like Angel he will say something but not turning or left me and still with me. This is very nice mod and fulfill my request.