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  1. Ave to all!
    I made this mod to replace some skin and hair color that i never used or i don't like much.
    All you need is in the archive and everything is explained in the readme along with some screenshots.
    This mod change/add 9 new skin and 11 new hair colors, changed their names too^^
    Not much more to say, just enjoy :)

    Made a youtube video for this mod, featuring my first and favourite Boss: Vantara.


    ________ VERSION 2 _________

    Version 2 changes and screenshots:

    Added new 6 skin colors:

    -Dark undead
    -Rich flesh
    -Dark rich flesh
    -Dark elf light brown
    -Paler (that replaced the previous experimental)

    Modified 2 of the previous skin color:

    -Dark elf brown
    -Pale pink

    Added new 5 hair colors:

    -Black blue
    -Black red
    -Blu opaco (opaque blue)
    -Ramati (coppery)
    -Biondo cenere (ash blonde)(replaced the previous brunette red)

    Modified Brunette dark red to be more defined.


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  2. You guys can see the screenshots? Because they wont show up for me.
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  3. No, the screenshot shows up as a red X.
    Use a imagehost like photobucket to host image or upload it ot the forum(Does this forum support screenshot?)
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  4. Mmmn maybe there are issues with mediafire. I don't think the forum support image upload.
    I'll try photobucket then.
  5. Oh yeees: it was some issue with mediafire, with photobucket now we can see the screens.
    Thanks Sizustar for the helping hand^^
  6. Minimaul

    Minimaul Site owner Staff Member

    This forum should support image uploads.
  7. Yep, probably was that "mediafire thing" that didn't worked for me.
  8. UPDATE: added version 2 of the mod with new skin & hair colors, in the first post along with screens: enjoy^^
  9. Thanks for this, as it made me interested in messing around with the parameters of the skin values to eventually create one of my liking. I was never satisfied with the "oiled" skins they provided in game so I just adjusted the specular values of the "oiled spray tan" skin.
  10. Would that be possible with the non-oiled skins? didn't like that they didn't offer more choices for those
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