New Multiplayer Maps 50+ [Proof of Concept/W.I.P]

New Multiplayer Maps! 50+
Okay so this has been a project that has been in the works for the past few months. It's unfinished atm and it's more in a alpha state.
Over the next few months we hope to have most issues fixed and or well at least in a more fine tuned state.

Issues That May Not Get Fixed
1. Off-host water issues in maps that have water. [off host players just stay away from water lol]
2. Missing textures, this may or may not get fixed - we need a chunk texture editor to maybe get this fixed.

3. Voids/Collison Issues - this requires a chunk/map editor that can import models, edit collisions etc. I do plan to add "warning signs in maps as a a hey don't go here"
4. If a map causes a random crash, we prob can't fix it.

What Are The Map Names & Future Plans
Since this is a alpha, future updates are planned to fix as many issues as we can.
We fully plan to add ambients to most if not all maps so they aren't soundless.
We fully plan to cts clean up to remove any unused navs, triggers, vehicles.
We fully plan to fine tune spawns and item placements.
This mod will stay as a Proof of Concept, because there will be issues we can't fix that are out of our control.
Thank you for understanding!

Some maps need proper spawn and item placements
You will come across voids and some collision issues in the maps

- Early Ultor Dome [mp_bac_042]
- Test Level [mp_balance]
- Wardrobe [mp_crib]
^^ These maps are included as well
1. The Box Lounge [mp_thebar]
2. Angelo's [mp_thebar2] -- needs item placement
3. Downtown [mp_downtwn]
4. El Patron [mp_elpatrn]
5. Factories [mp_factory]
6. Low Rez Downtown [mp_freee]
7. Freckle Bitches [mp_tharow1]
8. Kings Grocery [mp_grocery]
9. Penthouse [mp_kingpen]
10. Big Picture Theater [mp_movieth]
11. Price's Mansion [mp_pricemn]
12. Steelmill [mp_steelml]
13. Tha Row [mp_tharow2]
14. Highway Factory [mp_hwyfact]
15. Lopez Seafood Inc. [mp_seafood]
16. Barrio Whorehouse [mp_snatch]
17. Demolition Derby [mp_demoder]
18. On Track Nightclub [mp_nightcl] -- needs item placement
19. Stocks Nightclub [mp_nighcl2] -- needs item placement
20. Hydra Nightclub [mp_nighcl3] -- needs item placement
21. Technically Legal [mp_legal] -- needs item placement
22. Turbulence Stripclub [mp_stripc2] -- needs item placement
23. Wong's Tea House [mp_teashop] -- needs item placement and proper spawns
24. Kingdom Come Records [mp_kingrec] -- needs item placement
25. Raykins Whorehouse [mp_brothel]
26. The Floor Is Lava [mp_vklobby] -- needs proper spawns
27. Bumper Cars [mp_bumper] -- needs vehicles and proper spawns
99% of all of these maps are GB only since they aren't meant to be actual match based maps.
All of these maps need proper spawns and item placements.
Best played with 2 players max, since some spawns can push you out of the map.
You will come across voids and some collision issues in the maps

- Early Ultor Dome [mp_bac_042]
- Test Level [mp_balance]
- Wardrobe [mp_crib]
^^ These maps are included as well
1. Tattoo Shop [mp_tatshop]
2. Warehouse [mp_warehse]
3. Meth lab [mp_methlab]
4. Loft [mp_theloft]
5. Sloppy Seconds [mp_clostor]
6. Liquor Square [mp_liquor1]
7. Parking Garage [mp_parking]
8. First Crib [mp_crib001]
9. Mission Beach Highway [mp_highwy1]
10. Harrowgate Highway [mp_highwy2]
11. Loans Lobby [mp_loch32]
12. Open Legs Lodge [mp_brothl2]
13. Chop Shop [mp_chopshp]
14. Crash Landing Lobby [mp_crashld]
15. Crash Landing Bar [mp_landbar]
16. Howie Cheatem Office [mp_howiech]
17. Legal Lee's 1 [mp_legalee]
18. Legal Lee's 2 [mp_legale2]
19. Lopez Mansion [mp_lopezms]
20. Redroom Hall [mp_redroom]
21. Saint's Hall [mp_srhall]
22. Scratch That 1 [mp_scratch]
23. Scratch That 2 [mp_scratc2]
24. Church Interior [mp_churchh]
25. Yacht [mp_yacht]

Xbox 360 ISO Modders Version [vpp files]
Xbox 360 RGH/Xenia Version [vpp files]
- Files are too large to upload here, as i'll be making updates in the future.

SP Chunks Ported To MP: CabooseSayzWTF
Map CTS Work: Slimeball & CabooseSayzWTF
Map Loading Images: Slimeball & CabooseSayzWTF

For attempting this years ago, which made me want to figure how to make it work.
He originally got it somewhat working but had ALOT of blackscreen issues. I figured
out what caused that and fixed it.. He also was the one who found the unused maps.
He also gets credit for ideas and for the RGH/Xenia method to swap the lobby map.

More credits go out to:
SR1 Reverse Engineering Team - you know who you are.
Flippy - video snippets, and motivation
mrsaintsgodzilla - motivation​