New Clothing for Sale - Nyteblade, Cyrus, Parachute, etc

A couple of simple tweaks to stores itemlists, now you can buy previously unavailable items.
Nobody loves me:
- Decker's outfit (from decker assassination)
Planet saints:
- Basic parachute (Volition, Y U No make it buyable from store by default?)
- "Member of the row" t-shirt
Let's pretend:
- Nyte Blayde armor
- Radiation suit (with separate helmet)
- Head antena
- Cyber avatar morph (from decker mission)
- Cyrus armor (suffers from heavy clipping and fingers are creepy as hell for female characters, but it is better than nothing, right?)


Update 1:
- added Nyte Blayde outfit
- two versions with and without censor pixelations (for nude mod purposes)
Update 2:
- more items
- tweaks to Cyrus armor (swapped name to STAG Elite, added backpack visibility)


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[V] IdolNinja

Volition Staff
Eurrrgh, those fingers... :eek:

Still, very neat to have as an option!
Neat, does the Night Blade outfit have any clipping issues?

Im gonna try this out with a coop partner, if he sees the clothes even if he doesnt have the mod.
Thanks for this! :D

Is this same technique possible on the Saint's Flow mascot outfit, also what about the Genki in the scientist outfit that is randomly running around in Steelport. Can the Nyteblade outfit be colored?

I also noticed in game Cryus' outfit is called "The Bandit" can this be changed, not a big deal... Just wondering.
Okay, tested the Nyte Blade outfit and I only noticed one clipping issue, and that appears when I´m sitting in a car. the Coat sticks through the cars underbody, but is only seen when you look exactly from the side at the car.
My coop Partner did infact saw the outfit I was wearing, although he had no mods installed. Sadly it was not colorable. But that I guess would be the least of problems.:cool:

There is only one thing really bugging me, but that bug appears with every outfit. When I wear the Stag outfit or the Nyteblade outfit for example, my footsteps always sound like I´m walking around barefoot, someone know why and how to change that?

Edit: I found a mod which fixes the footsteps sound bug.
You get the outfit as a reward after the mission. Its in your wardrobe and can be bought at Lets Pretend after the mission. The only one you dont get as a reward, or with the Nyte Blade DLC ist the Nyte Blade outfit Josh wears.


Modding patch tester
I signed up just to say that the Cyrus outfit works immensely well for male players, I noticed literally no issues with it not apparent in vanilla in game clothing. The hands don't even do that wonky thing for guys. This is a great pack and I hope you have plans to further expand upon the clothing that's available.

[V] IdolNinja

Volition Staff
I believe that the Bloody Canoness (Nun) outfit is DLC only and part of the Nyte Blade pack. It is not an unlock.