Need help with a few ideas for modding.

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  1. So I have an idea of using the grapple feature of saints row 2 (human shield), to allow the player to do whatever they want with any npc.

    My general idea is that since the human shield feature allows the player to interact with any npc in the game, I was wondering if you could change what happens to the npc. For example instead of grabbing them and throwing them you could suplex them ex.

    What I am thinking I am going to need is:
    • The place where the human shield animation is stored and then sequentially the throwing animation when you press it again.
    • The actual file where the code is, so I can change how far the npc is Thrown and other variables like that.
    So I could, in theory, set it to zero and have the npc stand in place, code wise, while the animation plays with the npc being moved into the air and then dropped upside down, while the players character drops them behind them.

    The other thing that maybe more interesting is adding interaction points for the player, so they could do more with the game

    My example would be the stripper poles in the game. Have an interaction code like the doors use put on it, and then have it move the player to the pole and play an animation. The player presses the interact button again and ends the animation putting the player back where they where.

    I want to run these ideas past people who know more about the inner workings of this game before I try to do something.
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  3. Lets say I use the lua fuctions list and write code in notepad++ could I have it set an interactable marker onto a stripper pole?

    I am guessing there isnt a map editor for sr2 like in fallout newvegas. I am thinking I would have to get the coordinates of where in the world map the pole mesh is located and put an, at this location you can use the interact key, or something like that.

    The Gentlemen of the Row mod has a feature where you can play any animation by pressing 888 and then the code for the animation. You can use it to roleplay pole dancing by playing the animation and moving to the pole, but if I can actually get it so the player interacts with the pole and plays the animation I could create a new activity for the player to do like ddr pole dancing.
  4. I think in sr4 we have a tool to do something like that but Im not sure if I understand it right.The only thing I know is that one can forget the modding skills learned for the bethesta games.SR modding is totally different from Fo3 or Skyrim.

    Maybe @nclok1405 can help you with that.
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