My modding diary

Is it ok for me to keep a log of what I mess around with here?
Since I returned to this game and made some videos, I've gotten some questions about how I modded things. But I realized, I don't even remember. If I keep a mod diary here, then maybe I'll know for next time.

Today I fixed up the gore in my game.
decal_info.xtbl: blood_hit changed the width/length 0.2 > 1.4 (if you use guns mostly, this is maybe too high - guns cause larger decals for some reason)
life_time to -1
fade_time to 0

blood_pool width/height to 1.5

tweak_table.xtbl: Blood_splat_max_per_human to 20 (thank you to Steam user Vlad Viper for sharing this)

the following info is thanks to user kiloslaa2988:
global decal scale 1.7 (warning: all decals in game get bigger)
blood_impact width and height is a mystery to me (unused??) but these settings on it allows blood on walls/ground to last forever:

Here is the bloody result:

I wish I knew how to increase GIBS!! Characters shoot out a small amount of gibs, I wonder if there is a setting that increases this amount and their duration.