Mr. Sunshine's Sceptre

Discussion in 'Mod Requests' started by Shayne Cashman, May 3, 2019.

  1. Shayne Cashman

    Shayne Cashman Beginner

    Would it be possible to create a mod that allows the player to obtain Mr. Sunshine's sceptor?
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  2. AFT47

    AFT47 Beginner

    what in gods name is sunshine's scepter his jacket?
  3. spaditagamer

    spaditagamer Beginner

    I think he means this, i'll check if is possible to turn it a melee weapon once i got my PC back.
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  4. NarrowWatch

    NarrowWatch Beginner

    Voodoo smashie punchie stick stick
  5. spaditagamer

    spaditagamer Beginner

    Well, is possible to turn it into a melee, mostly like the hammer or bat. Even though, im not sure which is the smesh file, since there is nothing related with cane (which i saw the models of the canes). I will keep looking for the file, but cant confirm if i will find it soon.
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